Monday, May 19, 2014


I opened an email Friday letting me know that Scandal season 3 was now on Netflix.
The excitement that I had over this new knowledge was kind of sad actually.
Ya know what is even more sad?
The fact that I spent my entire Sunday watching 10 whole episodes.
I’m not even ashamed.
Now, when can I get home to finish the season?


  1. ohhh! I binge watched all of Scandal season 1/2 iver my spring break, then went to a friends house who had season 3 DVRs and binge watched that with her for 2 more days. No shame.

  2. haha. I do that with shows too. Sometimes you just can't help yourself.


  3. did you like the 3rd season as much as the past seasons? I thought the 1st and beginning of the 2nd were the best, but I still love the show so much!!

  4. Is it sad that I've NEVER watched this show?!


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