Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just Call Me Crip

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I'm sure you've seen the results of last week.

It all started with a silent auction at my aunt's benefit last Tuesday night. I was determined to win a set of chimes; I mean I liked them and all, but I just wanted to beat the heifer that kept bidding against me.

The family was seated in the balcony for the concert, and before it started, I was making my way down the stairs for another peek at the bidding sheet. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the auction room for the fourth time.

I stepped off the last step, which was quite a bit taller than the rest, my feet hit the floor and my ankles turned. Yes, I said ankles.  Plural.

The next thing I know, I'm on my knees, in pain. Mom said she looked up and it looked like I was praying. I couldn't get up. After a few minutes, I managed to stand up and sit on the stairs. I knew I was in pain, but I was way more embarrassed that I fell in front of everyone. The lobby was packed; however, my mom said she didn't think many people saw me.

While fighting tears, I raised my pants to two egg-like knots on my ankles. Super swollen. I knew I couldn't climb the steps, or heck, even walk into the auditorium. My cousin, who is a nurse practitioner, said I needed to go in for x-rays to be sure they weren't broken.

I painfully managed to get to the car. Intense pain, might I add.

Fast forward a bit-- I didn't break anything, and the x-rays showed I had sprained both ankles. The nurse gave me two aircasts and crutches. I felt like I needed a wheelchair because standing was so painful. I went back to my parents house, my parents picked up some things for me at my house, along with my dog, and I ended up staying there for 6 days.

My mom waited on me hand and foot. They let my little Mia out. Kept my ankles iced. Cooked me food. Got me drinks (non-alcoholic, dangit). Sat in my dad's recliner to prop my foot up. (Whoa!!!) Let me have free reign over the remote. (Whoa!!!). Lots of Netflix was watched.

Besides being waiting on, I had a delivery Wednesday from the flower shop. My mom had a basket of flowers and wind chimes (yep, what caused this whole fall anyway!) sent to me. How sweet was that?

Then on Friday, one of my best friends came to see me and brought two carnations and a bag of candy.

I finally went home last night. It was sooo good to be back home and in my own bed. But when I got hungry, or had to let Mia out to potty, I certainly missed being at my parents to let them wait on me. Especially when Mom posted a bowl of snow cream that she had just made. "I left too early," I said!

Im back to work today, and I couldn't be happier. I never thought I'd say that, but sitting in a recliner for 6 days really got to me.

So that's it. Call me Crip. Call me Grace (as Hello Miss Chelsea does). Whatever you call me, I can take it. I've been laughing at myself all week.


  1. I stayed at my parents for 6 weeks after my lung surgery... I TOTALLY agree with you on taking the 'being waited on hand & foot' part for granted!

  2. OH my goodness Melanie!!! Glad you are back on your graceful feet lol ;) That pic with Mia is the cutest thing ever!


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