Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why I'm Over 2013

Every one is posting their bests of 2013 posts and I'm over here like...ehh, who cares! I'm over it and ready to move on to '14.

Here's why:

1. The annoying blog words that became popular in 2013, like totes, adorbs, amazeballs, are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Please let them end with December.

2. The stupid celebs going to the ends of the crazy train to get their name in the spotlight. Can we forget Miley existed when the clock rolls over to 12 Tuesday night?

3. I saved exactly $0. In fact, my savings account has actually had a decrease in funds this year, so that needs to change pronto.

4. Nobody liked it, so I don't have a ring on it. When is it going to be my turn? And don't say when you stop being a snotty bitch. That's not going to happen. I mean they even wrote a book, "Why Men Marry Bitches." So there.

5. Some of the people I work with are complete morons. The type of work it is brings in total idiots. Hopefully some of that will change in '14 when new offices are built, so I won't have to deal with the ignoramouses that walk in the door for these certain people.

6. Breaking Bad has ended and won't be back. I mean, this was the only science in my life I could actually enjoy watching, and it is no more. Jesse for life.

7. Have you seen the ecard that says, "my goal was to lose 10 pounds this year; I have 13 to go." Yep. So me.

And I really don't like ending at 7, but I haven't blogged in a blue moon and this is all I've got.

Happy New Year, friends!

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