Monday, November 25, 2013

UK Game and Foam Fingers

Last Sunday, my friend unexpectedly had an extra ticket to the UK game. I was so excited because hello! It's Kentucky!

And did I mention we had pretty amazing seats? Woohoo for knowing people that know people!

I just had to buy something, I mean, it is me, so I decided on a foam finger. Cause why not?

I snapped a photo of it with the caption: Bringing out my inner Miley tonight and sent it to a few friends via snapchat. This is what I received a few minutes later from my sister.

Meg's response? "What about embarrassing me?!?!?!?" I tend not to embarrass easily, so Meg may have been a little worried about what would go down with the finger.

Back to the game. I was really looking forward to seeing Willie and Poythress on the court! Willie was my favorite player last year, and I was hoping to see Poythress become a strong force on the court.

It was a great game with lots of great plays. You better believe I waved that foam finger every change I got! Looking forward to what I know will be an awesome season!

Go Cats!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Night with Justin Timberlake

When I heard JT was going on tour, I knew then that I would do anything to go. Did you all see him at the Grammys? He was freaking amazing! (Yes, I know that was months ago, but still, it sticks with ya!)

My friend, Meg, got us seats, as usual, and I had the most fun.

We were lucky enough to sit behind this guy. As soon as we got there, he was up drinking and dancing. He was obviously dancing to his own beat. Hilarious!

This was right as JT was coming up and out! The crowd was going insane, as was I.

And Justin as he moved over the crowd.

If you ever get the chance to see Justin, do it! He is crazy talented!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Work Birthday

I can't believe it's been so long since my birthday, and yet, here I am still writing about it. 

 I got to work on the morning of my day, and I walked in to these pretty flowers sitting on my desk in the cutest little owl vase from my parents. Believe it or not, these flowers are still this bright, 18 days later!

I'm the only girl in a shop/office full of men, so I was quite surprised when we were all called back to the breakroom for cake for me. I'm usually the one that orders the cakes, so the fact that Roger (dad/boss) remembered to do this was shocking! In all honesty, I think Mom ordered it because she remembered to get whipped icing instead of regular! Either way, it was delicious.

Before I walked back there, Roger told me to get my crown. He then proceeded to put this photo on facebook with the caption "Our little princess had a birthday." 
At least everyone is now aware of my princess status! Haha.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Birthday & Family

Even though my birthday was almost two weeks ago, I still want to share it with you guys because I loved it so much.

 My birthday is on Halloween, so my mom buys pizzas, my birthday cake, and we all watch for the trick or treaters to come by and get candy. It came a hellacious storm Halloween night, so while trick or treating was moved to Friday night, we still celebrated my birthday. My sister, brother in law, perfect little niece, aunt, her husband, and my cousins came over to help celebrate! To be honest, I was a little surprised that everyone came because trick or treating had been moved back.

I can't tell you how much we all laughed, mostly at my brother in law for being silly, and how much we ate, shout out to Mom for preparing everything. I gave Mom three choices for my birthday cake: white cake with whipped icing, Derby pie, or blackberry cobbler. I wanted to be surprised.

This is what I walked in to: not just one, but two derby pies! It was the first time she'd made them, and it was delicious! My mouth is watering now just thinking of it.

Then came presents. My cousin Kristy, who is only 6 weeks older than me, bought me a really pretty gray and black scarf. It will be perfect for this winter!

My mom gave me a ghost Pandora charm (to represent my birthday on Halloween), along with some money for my trip to Vegas, which I still need to recap! I've been lazy with this old blog.

My favorite gift was from my sweet, generous sister. I had talked about getting a birthstone ring for myself for my 30th. My birthstone is opal, which if you've seen, is usually not very pretty, or at least the settings are not. She remembered me asking her about it, and went back later to get me the necklace.

I admit, I teared up when I opened it. I was floored that not only did she remember me showing it to her, but that she so generously bought it for me for my birthday. She told me this was a big one and they wanted to get me something special. I'm embarrassed to say that I bawled all the way home. My family made me feel pretty special that day, not just from the gifts they gave me, but because they spent that evening with me to celebrate me.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Whistle Stop Cafe

I met one of my oldest friends in Glendale this past Saturday for lunch. Glendale is a quaint little town with a street full of shops. It's adorable.

We met at The Whistle Stop, a cute little restaurant right beside some rail road tracks that serves delicious home-cooked food.

I ordered the country ham lunch with mashed potatoes (the best I've ever eaten) and macaroni and cheese.

My friend, Whitney, ordered the special, fried chicken with greens and mashed potatoes.

I also ordered blackberry cobbler for dessert but it was gone before I even thought to take a picture.

Afterward, we drove up to Elizabethtown for a little bit of shopping. I may or may not have had to unbutton my jeans on the drive up. I was SO full!

I had a great afternoon with my long-lost friend (who moved almost 2  hours away a few months ago) celebrating my birthday and shopping the afternoon away. Thanks, Whit!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm Back and Broken

I'm back, kids, and Vegas kicked my ass.

I don't know if it was the turning 30 part, the walking 24/7 for 4 days straight, or the fact that I didn't take one pair of comfortable shoes, but I'm definitely feeling the effects of Vegas, and it's not in hangover form.

I got home last night, and my feet were swollen to the size of elephant feet. Also, I could no longer see my ankles. I imagine this is what women feel when they are about to drop a baby.

 I was absolutely miserable (physically) the entire time because every time I walked, it felt like I was stepping on legos. I've never had this kind of problem with my feet. Apparently, cheap Target flats and riding boots are not what you  need to wear while walking up and down the Strip. I mean, it's not like I was in 5" heels like most of the female Vegas go-ers; I was in flat shoes!

So while I had a great time, physically I was in pain and miserable.

I've been 30 a whole 4 days and it has not been good to my poor aging body!

Now that I've got that out of my system, I'll return tomorrow with all of the fun stories and experiences from Vegas!
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