Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things I've Learned at the Grocery Store

1. There will always be a person or family that stinks to high heaven. And all of the aisles will smell.

2. That person is not me. I checked after I kept smelling it.

3. Extreme couponers are annoying as shit. One person has 5 sections to purchase separately. I mean what do you really need with 10 boxes of toothpaste? You'll die before you even use it. And based on your hair, you need to find some coupons for some shampoo.

4. Stores like to keep employees working to the bare minimum. Only 3 regular lines opened during the busiest time of day. Tons of self-checkouts available, but with my cart full, I don't want to hold up the people with 2-3 items behind me.

5. People talk forever. If you have 20 questions for the cashier, maybe ask for a manager or supervisor. Not the guy trying to get everyone in his line checked out.

6. Good baggers must be hard to find. I've put things on the conveyer belt that go together. Please don't put meat with soap.

7. Grocery shopping is good cardio. After going through half the store, I decided to make tacos for dinner. Which meant I had to backtrack to get tomatoes and lettuce. Back and forth, back and forth. I was like the Energizer bunny.

8. Way too many "extras" are EBT approved. If you are given assistance, you should keep your groceries to the bare necessities until you can afford to feed yourself.

9. I only learned what EBT meant a few years ago when asked if my card was an EBT card, and I said I had no idea what that even was. Must have been the "extras" I had in my cart that threw them off.

10. One should always carry ear plugs when shopping in a grocery because there will always be a screaming kid wanting something they can't have. And yes, I once was that kid screaming for Skittles. My mom and Granny remind me of this constantly.

What have you learned while shopping at the grocery?

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  1. Ugh. It's especially cardio when you have a toddler trying to jump out of your cart/arms and tries to grab stuff off the shelves!!


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