Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Time I Caught A Bush On Fire

It was a chilly spring afternoon when I was sitting on my front steps playing with matches. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy-tale doesn't it?

 I have a weird habit of striking matches and letting them burn lately. Maybe I like the smell. Maybe I like seeing the flame. Yes, I realize this is weird. But don't turn me in to the crazy catchers; I don't want to be in a straight jacket anytime soon. And I have no plans of catching anything but leaves on fire. Well, not even them anymore, because I may or may not have caused a small fire last night.

While I was burning some matches, there were some dried leaves in the "flower" bed beside me under a bush. I had already held the flame up to one of the bush sticks and nothing happened. So wouldn't you just assume it wouldn't catch fire? Yeah, me too.

Then I decided to hold the flame to the leaves. They would curl up and burn out on their own. So I thought. While they were burning, the flames got higher. And higher. Crap. I thought. I may need to get some water so my flag doesn't catch on fire.

I ran inside, got a bowl (the quickest thing to grab), filled it with water, turned around, and BAM!

"Jesus, it's a far."

 I could see smoke rolling up from the ground. Dark gray smoke like something major was on fire. I ran outside, trying not to splash water on the floor, and saw the bush on fire. The same bush that wouldn't catch fire before.

I threw the water on the bush, filled the bowl a few more times, and watered that sucker down. I couldn't have it starting up again and burning my house down!

I made a photo demonstrating what I was experiencing. You're welcome. The only outside picture is from this winter. No worries, those decorations aren't still up. I keep it Klassy up in here.

There's me, sitting on the porch (except I didn't have a hat on, but it looked fun), striking some matches, burning some leaves, and catching a bush on fire. My life may have flashed before my eyes.

 And here are a few remnants from my wild and dangerous ways. Don't be disappointed that it's not bigger and worse. I have to admit, even this little fire scared me a bit. I wonder if this is what Moses felt like.

Moral to the story- don't play with fire, kids. It's scary stuff.

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  1. HA! I would have been scared, too! I thought about Moses the whole time I was reading this!
    I like to play with lighters. My family will hide them from me.

  2. HAHAH! You sound like me. I love playing with lighters and matches, but then I get all scared when it actually catches something, haha


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