Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5 Things That Bother Me

As I've said before, I love lists. And I've found that blogging using lists is fun. So I present you with an other- 5 things that bother me.

1. Not matching- Everything has to match. I don't understand those people that can walk around with different socks on. And those packs of socks that are all different. I can't. Just can't.

2. Babies/kids with nasty faces- I understand it happens. But clean that mess up. Dried snot all around the mouth is just gross. Food stains on the face hours after the meal is gross.

3. When men "adjust" themselves- It's so awkward and makes me uncomfortable. I can't help it.

4. Fishing for compliments- I have "friends" on facebook that make daily posts bragging to get compliments. I'm all about being proud of yourself and sharing the awesome things that are happening, but when it's almost daily, it's annoying.

5. Smoker smell- Most of the guys that work where I work smoke. So when they come in the office, the smell lingers long after they are gone. I hate smoke. I hate smelling smoke. I hate the headache that comes when I smell smoke. I don't want to smell ashtray when you are around.

I know I'm not alone on these. What bothers you?

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  1. I just died laughing. So very true!


    I have some of those Facebook friends. I'm like..."do you not see how this comes across as a braggart?" maybe they just don't care

  3. A million times yes to the packs of socks that don't match! I said the exact same thing in target the other day. Just no.


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