Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TJ Maxx Window Shopping

I've been in a blogger funk the past few days. Well, to be honest, I've been in a funk in general for the past few months. It's true. Cue the pouty face. So I do what any woman does when she's feeling a little blue, I head to the stores.

My first stop was TJ Maxx. I needed some notecards, and they usually have some super cute ones. I love sending handwritten notes, so I like keeping them on hand. Anywho, while I was there, I kept saying "Oh, that is so cute!" Outloud. To myself. Does anyone else talk to themselves like that when shopping? Just me? Ok.

They had soooo much cute stuff there. It really is a shame that I'm not a decorator, because I would have bought up everything they had. I decided to take some shots and share my love for the most random things TJ Maxx had to offer. I use my crappy iphone camera, so the pictures aren't the best. Just needed to let you know I'm aware of this.

I just love arm chairs.
How cute would these be in a lake or beach house? I need to share these with my mom.
Sweet little birds
Adorable measuring cups: colorful ones, cow ones, and fish cups. Also ice-cream scoop spoons.
Pretty blue egg holder. Perfect for jewelry or to just set out on display.
I love anything animal print, so obviously this was my favorite.
How awesome is this basket? Wouldn't it be perfect for laundry or to hold blankets in the living room?
I've always been a fan of owls, so this would be perfect on my back deck holding some bright flowers.
My favorite: Humpty Dumpty book end. Love it.
It really is a shame that I'm not loaded and don't have tons of space. Otherwise, these would all have been mine.

I did walk away from there with some Flojo flip-flops. I have never heard of this brand, but they are super comfy and apparently retail for $40. I got them for $15. I also got a book for my niece and a rooster windchime for my Nanny's birthday Saturday. I found some puzzles for my client, but I passed on them. I think I'll go back tomorrow to pick those up...

...And maybe do some more window shopping. You never know what they will put out next.

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  1. I want to go do this at TJ Maxx like now. Love that store!

  2. i love tj maxx but i have to stay away cause i always want to spend a butt load of money every time i'm in there. ohh and i love that egg dish, so pretty.

  3. This looks like an awesome TJ Maxx! I love those beachy lanterns, the basket for living room blankets, and obviously that bowl! We have a chair pretty similar to that, which actually came from TJmaxx! It looks almost identical without the buttons/tufting on the back.

  4. I love TJMaxx!! Luckily I have a couple HomeGoods only stores around me and it's like TJMaxx on steroids... And I keep seeing those egg holders and wonder who the hell buys them... like what's wrong with the normal egg cartons- but now that you mentioned it, they would be perfect for earrings and accessories! Good finds :)

  5. I am seriously obsessed with TJ Maxx!!! I get almost all my stuff from there :)


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