Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Random Wednesday

Remember that cartoon or skit that says "Random Maaaaaaannnnnn?" No? No one? I know I'm not making that up, but can't for the life of me think of what it is from. Hmm.

Anywho- this link up is absolutely perfect for me because I'm all over the place. Don't pretend you haven't noticed. I also like this link-up because I genuinely like the host- Shanna. She always responds to even the simplest comments and tweets, and for that I love her. You all know how I am about big bloggers and comments.

A car pulled out in front of me yesterday and stopped in the middle of the road. Well I did what any self-respecting driver would do, I laid on my horn and yelled obsenities. Then he had the nerve to stick his nasty arm out of his piece of shit car and flip me off. Really? I should have rammed him, but didn't want to hurt my Toyota or subject it to a disease it was surely to catch just from being in contact with his car's nastiness. The nerve of the skanky druggie. Flip me off when you don't know the rules of the road. Psh.
This may or may not be just like me.
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I have a headache most every morning when I wake up. I don't take any medications before bed or anything, so I'm not sure what the culprit is. Stress? Waking up several times a night to take Mia out? Other ideas?
Stephanie talked about this on her blog one day. I needed some new foundations that actually lasted through the day, so I tried it.
Y'all. This stuff works. When I take my makeup off at night, tons comes off, which means it didn't rub off during the day. Hallelujah. I found a winner!

I went to Chickfila yesterday since I was in the BG. I asked for the specific number of Chickfila sauces that I needed. I got my food,  pulled away, checked the bag, and the heifer only gave me half of the sauces I needed. It was a travesty. Some of my chickies didn't get sauce. It's just not the same without the sauce.
I saved the best for last. Have you all heard this yet?

It's, in a word, awesome! I'm ashamed to admit it's the only song I listened to on my half hour drive to therapy yesterday. So good though. Really, take my word for it and download it asap.

I didn't have much going on Saturday, so I lounged a bit in front of the tv. I was watching something on E!, it ended, and Giuliana and Bill came on. I've never seen an episode and wasn't really sure about it since I'm not sure how I feel about Miss Giuliana. But, I loved it. They both seem so fun. So, of course, I tweeted about watching the show, and look what happened.
How sweet, right? I can add this to my list of reality tv star replies! Whoop whoop!
I guess that's enough randomness for today. Sayonara suckers!

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