Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fill In The Blanks

I saw this somewhere on blog land a few weeks ago, and wrote down the categories to do one day. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the source. Oops.  Anywho, the day has come to finally fill in these blanks.

1//  If calories didn't count, I would eat chips and dip every single day. I love dip. Any and all dips.

2// On my prom night we partied in a field after prom. It's how it's done in Barren County.

3// When I go to the store, I always buy something to drink. I'm always thirsty. Can't help it.

4// Family functions typically bore me. Be honest- how many people actually like all of their family. I tolerate them because I have to. //  Edit: Let me be clearer- most of my family I like. It's the few that I don't that make it miserable.

5// I think my blog readers must lead much more interesting lives than me.

6// I'd much rather be on vacation. Every single day.

7// I have an obsession with tv. and twitter. The tv is always on and I have twitter pulled up most of the time.

8// My work friends don't exist. I work with all men, and while I like them all, I wouldn't say we are necessarily friends.

9// When I created my facebook account I was beginning college and barely anyone I knew had it yet.

10// My least favorite word is g--d---. I hate it. It makes my skin crawl.

11// I don't really remember my parents being together. I was 7 when they divorced.

12// Justin Beiber should disappear. Annoying. Just annoying.

Let me know if you fill in the blanks so I can see your answers too!
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  1. #1 - agreeeee x35. I could love off chips and salsa, no problem

    #8- ditto! I work at an outboard motor company. I'm in the same boat as you (pun intended)

    #10- hate it. I usually reprimand people when I hear it!

    And I think you are THAT cool.


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