Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I cry over major changes/decisions in my life. It's life altering, of course I'm going to worry and fret over it.

...that I feel like I can't talk to people about it because they wouldn't understand. And I don't want to open up about this.

...that I don't understand some people. At all. Stop being so confusing.

...that I feel like I can't trust people anymore. I really should be more cautious who I open up to.

...that I'm indecisive and change my mind. I redid the colors in my living room last year, and already hate them. I love my red couch (that I have had for ages), but am so tired of red. I can't buy a new couch, so I'm looking for some different accessories (again) to go with it. Blah. A new couch would be much easier to decorate with.

...that I'm dying for a coke right now. Absolutely dying. And on that note, I think I'm going to get one from the machine.


  1. I feel your pain about tears for big decisions, I do the same thing!! ...I could totally go for a coke right now too! =)

  2. I hope you find peace with whatever's going on in your life. And, yes, sometimes you have to cry.

    As for the couch -- have you looked into slipcovers? I have mis-matched hand-me-down furniture and two cats who are not declawed. Slipcovers have helped me unify my furniture and I can change them out when they get looking ratty or I just want a change.

  3. I found you via the link-up! Your link title caught my eye, since we have the same name!
    I get majorly affected my big decisions/changes, too! Definitely don't fret!
    I'm sorry you feel like you can't trust some people. I am always here if you need anything!
    I hope you stop by my blog to get to know me better.


  4. There are a lot of people that I just don't understand! Hope you have a nice weekend!


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