Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hatfields & McCoys

Are y'all watching this?
Please say yes.
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I had always heard of people talking about the Hatfields and McCoys, but had no clue to what they were referring. Had no idea that the family feud took place in Kentucky and neighboring West Virginia.
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But when I kept seeing previews to the 3 part series on the History channel, I thought it may be something I would want to watch. Even though I've never watched anything on the History Channel. Ever. I'm so so glad I did. I'm hooked, kids.

And it's all because of the love story between Johnse Hatfield and Rosanna McCoy. Johnse makes my heart go pitter patter. Wouldn't you agree?
Matt Barr as Johnse Hatfield. Photo from
I guess the fighting is pretty interesting. And the fact that it takes place in my home state. But the love story is what got me hooked.

By the way- the dvd goes on sale in July. I'm definitely buying!

Are you watching? What do you think?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Letters

Here we go....

Dear 3 Day Weekend:  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I've so needed you in my life.

Dear Future Car: You are making it extremely difficult to find you. Please show up in my life soon, before I have a hissy fit. I have no patience and this waiting game is NOT fun!

Dear Name Brand Whores: I find it annoying that you must always name-brand drop at every moment possible. No, I don't care if your purse is a Louis or from freakin Walmart. It doesn't make me like you more or want to read your blog more if you paid an insane amount of money for a bag or shoes or whatever it is that you keep shoving down our throats.

Dear Blue Pants: I'm so glad I found you at the Old Navy for only $15 dollas. Holla! You are so pretty. I want more of you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I witness rudeness every single day. People saying, doing, asking things they shouldn't. I mean I've been known to have a rude tone, but I know boundaries and what is and isn't acceptable.

Yesterday, I had one of the rudest questions asked, not to me, but about me. Completely pissed me off. You see, I put my house up for sale by owner. I knew when I bought it that I wouldn't stay here long. My parents always bought and sold houses, and I just knew I would follow lightly in their footsteps. I got a pretty good deal on the house, and my goal was to stay for 3  years and then try to sell. Hence, putting the sign up when my 3 years had passed.

I was afraid people would think that I couldn't afford it. Everyone that has asked about it has asked me if I was downsizing. Why that pops into their head, I'm not sure. Anyway, a guy that we know lives in a nearby neighborhood. He stopped by the shop to ask why I was selling and how much I wanted for it....just in case someone asked if there were any homes in the neighborhood selling. I was busy with a customer, so after I answered his question, I walked outside.

The man talked to my dad for a bit and then left. What he asked is what pissed me off. Are you ready?

"Can she not afford it anymore since she doesn't have a job?"

What? Did he really just ask that?

1. I have a job. It's not teaching like I went to school to do, but I have a job. One that I chose and am content with.
2. That job pays me so I can pay my bills. My mortage is being paid. Thanks.
3. Whether I can afford my house or not is really none of your damn business is it?
4. Why I'm selling (even if it's just as simple as ready to move somewhere else) shouldn't matter to anyone but me.
5. How dare you come in and ask that. It is so completely and utterly rude. RUDE! If I were bon qui qui, I'd cut you.

So what is the lesson for the day?

Just because you see this

Doesn't mean this.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So What

So what if...
...I spent even more money eating out last night with a friend. It's what we do.
...I took back a dress and ended up using that money to buy some bright blue cropped pants and a gorgeous green top. I couldn't resist.
...I bought even more panties from Target. Y'all, this Gilligan O'Malley brand is the softest most comfy undies ever. Ever!
...I also bought some slippers. I need some cushion for these feet of mine.
...nothing ever sounds good for breakfast. It's too early for food!
...I get pissy when I have to see and hear about everyone being off for summer. I used to be that girl. Now I have an all the time job, and it is NOT fun!
...I have a huge crush on Josh Elliot from Good Morning America. Tall. Dark. and Handsome.

Do you have any "so whats" this morning?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Photo Dump

I've been in a blogging funk lately. I've lost my writing mojo. I think I feel it coming back, hopefully really soon, but until then, I'm going to leave you with some photos of what's been going on in my little world. Everyone loves photos, right?

I put my house up for sale. Any takers?

Took a fun ride in a rail buggy. So fun.

Had my little sister's baby shower. (Yes, I realize I look like the pregnant one...I'M NOT!) And that sweet little one I'm holding is my cousin's baby. She's such a doll.

Helped my sister put away her goodies from the shower one afternoon after work. Before that though, we had to play with her first baby, Sadie.

Had lunch with one of my best friends, Meg, and her darling kiddos. Addison loves her Aunt Mel.

Got to ride in an even more awesome rail buggy. Adrenaline rush first thing in the morning? I'll take it!

Attended another baby shower for a friend. I've been friends with these girls since kindergarten.

After a mini-shopping outing, we had to stop at the grocery to pick up some essentials. Addison had a field day pushing her cart. And when we stopped to take a photo, she couldn't take her eyes off of the cotton candy.

Attended baby shower #3 (in a row) for my sister. This is her baby daddy (and husband...hehe), and his cousin. She helped host and was making him taste some baby food. Priceless.

Had a great time Saturday night listening to Easy Street. They played cover songs and some original ones, and they were awesome!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Things I Love (From Saturday Night)

Fried pickles from Toots.
Meeting new people and clicking instantly.

Hanging out with some pretty great friends.

Listening to Easy Street.
Singing along to some awesome songs by Easy Street.
Laughing until I cried.
Drinking buttery nipples.
Dancing on a chair.
Dancing period (cause this girl doesn't dance in public)!

Late night trips to Waffle House.
Feeling like I might get shanked by the drunk girls in the booth behind us.
Staying out late and being completely exhausted (and feeling like I'm in college again.....).

Love these kind of Saturday nights. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Letters

This is my first link up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds. Let's see how I do... Photobucket

Dear Anthony Davis:  Yes, you may be a big athlete superstar, but be nice to your fans. Just be nice in general.

Dear Emotions: Stop being so janky. You worry too much. You take things to personally. Stop with the tears. You're making me look cray-cray, and I certainly don't need any help with that.

Dear Ho Trods (or Hot Rods to most peeps): Thank you for providing lots of entertainment for me and my frands. Who knew that a baseball game with ballpark hot dogs could make this gal have so much fun?

Dear Bluegrass: A HUGE thank you for finally getting the iPhone. I will have you in a mere month, and will FINALLY be able to play draw something and instagram! Can. Not. Wait.

Dear Mia: Mommy loves you, but it would be awesome if you would sleep through the night. You are almost 5. Isn't it about time you hold your bladder until I feel it necessary to wake up?

Happy Friday, y'all! :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Huge Letdown Part Two

Remember that time I met my favorite UK player, Mr. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and he was less than friendly about meeting his favorite fan? Well, it happened again folks. Except this time, I met the projected #1 NBA draft pick, Anthony "The Brow" Davis.

I watched him do amazing things all season long, and I always thought he would be super cool. Did you all see him on Kimmel? Hilarious. Friendly.

So it was all over the news that he was going to be in Bowling Green last night. It was my sister's birthday, so I wasn't sure if I would have time to make it after her birthday dinner. After we ate, I decided (super last minute) that I would race to BG and meet this heifer.

The time slot for him to be at Kroger was from 5:00-7:30. We pulled into the parking lot at 7:10. We got in line (which was unorganized as all get out), paid $25 to get our picture taken (an autograph was an extra $55. No thanks.), and walked on up. This is where it gets hairy.

I looked around for my friend, Meg, but she was no where to be found. There was a cop, a younger kid standing there, and a group of onlookers standing there, but no friend. Suddenly, one of Davis's sidekicks hatefully remarks, "Can someone just take her picture?" I give MY camera (they don't even take the picture for you....), scoot back against the table that Davis is sitting behind, and smile. He doesn't stand up. Doesn't say hello. Doesn't put his freakishly long arm around me for a photo op. He just sits there.  At least MKG put his damn arm around me.

Maybe it's just me, but I have a few thoughts on this. 1. You are on a promotional tour to meet fans. At least act like you want to be there.  2. A hello or a thank you for coming out afterwards would be considerate. Ya know, since these people are your fans! 3. We had to PAY money to meet you. Make it worth our time coming out and giving you money. Be kind.

At least it was a good picture.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Help! Reunion Wardrobe

My ten year high school reunion is exactly one month away, and I could not be less excited. I'm not looking forward to it in the least, but am afraid if I don't go, I will regret it. lovely friends have pushed me to get with it and find something to wear. Since I'm dreading this event so much, I've put it off and haven't really been in the "finding" mood.

While at the Old Navy last weekend, I commented on a maxi dress in a fun print. They made me try it on, and they made me buy it. I'm still not sold on it.

And this is where you all come in. Please give me your opinion. I'm not sure the fit is correct. I feel like it would be better suited for a beach party than a school reunion. But my friends love it.  I have on an orange multi-strand necklace (hard to tell in this photo) that I would wear with it.

So honest opinion. Keep looking?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's A Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok...

...that I feel sad when people don't respond to texts. We all know everyone keeps their phone on them 24/7.

...that I get excited when I have plans.

... to also want to chill at home on the couch with some carrots and ranch dressing and watch old OTH episodes. cut ties with someone that obviously thinks so little of me. And be ok with that. be upset that they (or anyone in general) would think this about me. have sold my car and not have anything in mind about what to get next. be beyond frustrated that I can't find a vehicle that I like. I'm impatient. not want to read anything at all because I know it won't even compare to the 50 Shades of Grey series.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok to want it to storm all day and night. Not because we need the rain, but because it really relaxes me, and I could totally use some relaxation.

It's ok to have a pity party.  Sometimes all you need is a good cry to get everything out.

It's ok that I had hot cakes and sausage from McDonald's this morning. It had been forever since I'd gotten fast food breakfast, and I was needing it this morning.

It's ok that I've read all three Shades of Grey books, and am sad that I have nothing else to read now. My life has been a big bore since I finished those three.

It's ok that I want to meet my own Christian and be his Ana. That's totally normal, right?

It's ok that I'm scared, excited, nervous, anxious, and all kinds of other emotions because I put my house up for sale last night. I have no idea what I will do if I sell it. I guess I'll leave it up to fate and see what happens.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cover Bands and Friends

I love cover bands. What's better than sitting in a bar with friends and a cocktail listening to songs everyone knows and can sing along to? Nothing, unless you are on a bar on the beach.

Saturday night, I went with some friends to a honky-tonk bar to listen to Easy Street, a band that does cover songs. I'd seen them in March at this particular place and had so much fun that I knew I wanted to go back. Mix in some fun country and rock songs, red bull and vodkas, my best friends and late night trips to get breakfast, and you have an awesome night.

Sadly, I only had two pictures from the night to turn out.

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