Monday, April 30, 2012

The Man of My Dreams Turns Out to Be a Frog

You all know how much I love my UK Wildcats. I L-O-V-E love them. So when I heard that my absolute favorite Wildcat would be in the B.G., I knew I just had to see him. I'm sure you've heard about him- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist that is. He was a freshman this year, offered to give up  his starting position so that a senior could start, predicted to be #2 in the draft know...sounds like a good guy. Did I mention that I have a huge crush on this fella? So yes, I was going to see him if I had to follow him back to Lexington! (Kidding here...slightly).

MKG was scheduled to be at the classy joint of Kroger (yes, the grocery) from 4-6. I just so happened to be at a jewelry party at that exact time, so something was going to have to happen. I talked about it enough that everyone at the party got the hint, and we were out the door by 5:40. I sped across town, cussed a few slow drivers, did a little weaving in and out of traffic, and raced into the parking lot. We got to the door and there he was- with NO line! Holla! I walked up, gave a worker my credit card since nothing...not even a picture... is free, and waltzed on up to Mr. Kidd-Gil. I put my arm around his waist, pulled him in, and smiled for the camera.

Of course I did what any girl would do; I checked it to make sure it was fb appropriate. And if I'm paying money to get this done, I want it to be legit. It wasn't. So I pulled MKG back to my side, smiled, and got a decent shot.

While waiting for my friends to pay, I tried making small talk with my knight in shining armor blue. He was having none of it. He didn't say hello when I walked up. He didn't say thanks for coming by and paying to see me. Nothing. My dreams of marrying and having his children were crushed. (Again, slightly kidding here.) Should I have gushed about how he is my favorite wildcat and love him to pieces? I thought that might be a little crazy white girl for him, so I didn't. But nothing? :( It was sad times, girls, sad times.

I may pretend that ole MKG wasn't like that so I can still be a fan of his. I mean I do have a picture with him (that will be printed and framed), and his signature on my championship tee and poster. I didn't rush all the way across town for nothing, right? What do you think?


  1. Oh man... I am sorry.
    The same thing happened to me with Amare Stoudemire.. He was such a jerk to me and I could never forgive him as hard as I tried. I made up so many excuses in my head on why he would be a jerk to me.. But nothing made it better...

    I hope you have more strength then I.

  2. This is why I don't want to meet my favorite celebrities. I like keeping my fantasy of them alive.


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