Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Golf Scramble Firsts

I experienced a few firsts this weekend. It was my first time going to a golf scramble. It was my first time volunteering at a golf scramble. Heck, it was my first time being on a golf course, for goodness sakes! And I admit, I had fun!
View from the golf course of the lake.

Backstory? So a friend of mine is involved in PTO at her son's school. She organized a golf scramble for a fundraiser, had no participation from other members or teachers, so Whitney and I volunteered our Sunday to help out.
3 deer we ran up on while driving the golf cart.

After registration, there really wasn't anything for us to do, so we cruised around the golf course on the golf cart; the best part of the day on the course, imo. [Apparently, this was a distraction to the golfers. Apparently, you are supposed to sit at a table for 5 hours and look at each other, instead of trying to have a little fun. But anywho....]
Taking pictures of yourself with a phone is difficult. Obviously.

After the scramble was over and prizes were awarded, a few of us decided to head to a Mexican restaurant to catch up, eat, and  have a drinky drink.  [Apparently, it is also wrong to engage in conversation with people in the parking lot after a golf scramble. It will come off as being "flirty," which is also apparently bad behavior.]

Time at El was so. much. fun. We had some food and drinks, great conversation, and more laughs than I can remember in a long time.  Despite some negative comments towards our terrible behavior (and I put that in italics because it was only viewed this way by one person), I had so much fun!

Believe it or not, I'm ready to play some golf. Anyone want to teach me?

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