Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Things Learned

I had to attend a training yesterday that was about 1.5 hours away in Louisville. I was quite nervous, because 1. I am not a sales person and this was a service based sales meeting, 2. I hate driving to places I've never been, and 3. I hate driving alone. During my day away, I learned a few things... Prepare yourselves.

1. Some people have zero personality. Zip. Zero. Nada. I was in a room with about 11 other adults. Some knew each other, but I was one of the strangers. I normally try to make small talk, inject myself into open conversations, pretend to be interested. However, there are people out there that would rather sit there with a sour-puss look on their face and spend 8 hours alone. Talking to no one.

2. Some people have no manners. I went to this training knowing there would be one person there, the manager that was over our store and other surrounding ones. When I he arrived, he spoke, asked about the trip, blah blah blah. That was it for the entire day.
No questions about the day. No small talk at lunch or breaks. Nothing. Not even a bye at the end of the day. Wow. Thanks for pretending you don't know me. D bag!

3. Some other people have no manners. I walked into the site and was greeted by a lady that worked there. She led me to the office where 2 men were also waiting? or hanging out? I introduced myself and they did the same while shaking hands. Polite, right? One of the guys, behind the desk, remained seated (which I thought was a little rude), but still did the hello/handshaking thing. He then continued conversation with the other people while dropping the f bomb and other various words. Well that's all fine and dandy, but you don't know me. Never met me. I could be anyone. At least show a little restraint in front of strangers, yeah?

4. Be nice. So while I was at this meeting, sitting in a metal fold up chair for 8 hours, I got thirsty. No one offered water. Not a snack. Not a direction or idea for lunch ideas. Thanks for the hospitality, guys!

5. I hate traffic. I already knew this, but afternoon traffic on an interstate coming out of a large city is a beeotch with a capital BEEOTCH. Bumper to bumper traffic. Cars holding up lanes. Semis swerving in and out of traffic. Geez Louise. I hate it.

6. Don't take rings off to wash your hands. You will lose them. Especially if you are at a truck stop/gas station. I took my ring off, washed and dried my hands, left and drove the remaining 45 minutes to the Ville and had been in the meeting about an hour before I even realized it. Of course, when I drove through, I stopped to see if it had been turned in. Nope. It wasn't some awesome, one of a kind, expensive ring, but it was my favorite, and I wore it all the time. Dang, I already miss it.

So there it is, folks. My lesson for the week. Happy Thursday!

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