Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrity Doppleganger

You know they say that everyone has a twin. Sometimes I see people, and I automatically think of the celebrity that looks exactly like them! I, however, have yet to find my twin, or doppleganger.

A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

There's a website, myheritage.com, that will match your picture to a celebrity that looks like you. I've tried this before, but since Ms. Raven was doing a link-up, I thought I'd try it again.

Y'all. I think they were way off this time. Check it out.

The first and most similar gal they paired me with is Kristen Kreuk. I'd never heard of this girl, so I immediately googled her. This gal is gorgeous y'all. And looks absolutely nothing like me. Nothing! But I'll take it.

And what about the trainwreck called Helena Bonham Carter. Excuse me. Is this a joke? Then I started looking at just her face. This lady does have some nice features; good bone structure, pretty eyes. But man, she is a wreck.

I think the bigger joke is that cutie-patootie Emma Watson is on this list. What blind man thinks that I even resemble this girl? I'll take it, nonetheless! Heck yes I will! (Even though she is like 7 in the photo. That doesn't really count, does it?)

Finally, the only one that I can see any resemblance to is Melissa Joan Hart, and that's only because it seems to me that we have the same smile. Maybe.

Also, it looks like each of these celebrity photos are from the 90s. Not very accurate in my opinion.

Which of the above celebrities do you think I look most like? Is there anyone else out there that you think I resemble? If so, please enlighten me!


  1. My top match was a Victoria Secret Angel... I am so tired of being compared to her... :)

  2. hahaha ok, so Emma in that picture of her at 7 totally looks like she could be your daughter! I see the resemblance, and MJH? haha! I find it hard to see ONLY because I can't STAND her! She annoyed me so much in that stupid TV show. Maybe you are just too beautiful to have a doppelgänger, not the worst problem to have :)

  3. Kristin Kreuk is that girl from Smallville, right? I see a resemblance between you two!

    Emma Watson is pretty great though.

    At least you got all girls. I, ahem, did not.


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