Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinterest Project: Ornaments

This was obviously a crafting weekend!  I tried another pinterest find: mod podge ornaments.


I had seen these ornaments on Pinterest, and knew I had to try them. I love all things animal print, and this looked so easy and cute! I had put some green ornaments on my tree, but  you couldn't see them. They blended in, and when I mentioned it, Mom stated she hadn't even noticed there were green ornaments. Instead of buying some clear ornaments, I just used these green, since I wasn't happy with them.

Final Product:

- Set of clear ornaments (I used some I already had.)
-Mod Podge
-Foam paint brush
-Tissue paper

1. I took off the top hook, so I could get as close to the top as possible.
2. Paint mod podge onto ornament.
3. Cut strips of tissue paper and put onto mod podge.
4.  Put a layer of mod podge onto paper after each strip is applied. The edges won't lay flat, since the ornament is rounded, so this helps to keep things smooth as you go.
5. Let dry 2-3 hours.
6. Put hooks back on and hand on tree!

Last thoughts: I'm not sure how they got the paper to look so seamless on the ornament, but I absolutely love these on my tree!


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