Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Hey y'all. I'm linking up today to share my Christmas decor! Visit their blogs to see others or link up yourself!

My tree
My fireplace
Closeup of the mantle

Clear block with lights that my Mom made.

Leftover ornaments from my tree.

 Lit jar and my new block
 Light up snowman
 Wooden spindle snowman
 Side table in Dining Room
 Snowman sign on my mantle
 By the front door (any ideas on how to hide the cord?)
 Front door wreath
 I love pillows.
 Snowman made from a burlap sack
 Happy Holidays!

Tim Tebow

I've seen this floating around Pinterest that past few days, and love it. Tim Tebow is hot anyway (I love athletes....swoon), but his personality and profession of love of his faith makes me melt. You don't see many people that will stand up for their faith like he does, which makes him even more admirable.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pinterest Fail: The Tshirt Scarf x2

The T-Shirt Scarf

#1- My good bloggy buddy, Molly posted about her awesome experiences with making tshirt scarves (her inspriation was from Pinterest, I believe. They are everywhere on there). After seeing them all over Pinterest, I decided to do it.
Here is my inspiration:

My product:

Why is it so tight?

I tried it, but without the good outcome like she had. I did everything she said, but mine just didn't look right. I had only bought one shirt, when she said it definitely needed 2. I bought a medium, and later saw that she had used a large so it fit tight, and it was hard to get over my big head. Also, I couldn't figure out how to tie it in the back, so the braid kept coming out. Grrr. Molly, I may need your help, girl.
Definitely not like Molly's. #sadface

#2- I took the leftover part from the shirt (from the sleeve up) and decided to make another scarf I've seen floating around Pinterest. It seemed pretty rockstar cool, so I thought I would try it the next day with my remnants.



My product:

Ugh. It looks like I got into a cat fight with a cheetah. It's a hot mess y'all. Definitely needed to cut the strips smaller, and the seam on the shoulders are just screaming "Look at this disaster!" Maybe I should save my time and money, and just buy the next scarf I want.

And those, my friends, are my latest Pinterest fails.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day & Black Friday

Hey, ladies! How was your weekend? Not to sound like I have a turkey up my butt, but I'm so glad Thanksgiving is over! It always feels like such a hassle and a crazy amount of stress for a 30 minute meal!

I found a link to this Keep Calm printable from Shasta Anne's blog!
I woke up Thursday, cleaned the house, and prepared to cook the sides for our Thanksgiving meal. My mom always cooks, but since they are in the process of moving, I helped out and had the meal at my house. She cooked the turkey and dressing, and I made everything else. My sister brought my favorite dessert in the entire world, Chocolate Delight.

Some of the grub on the table.
Let's just say that while most of the meal was yummy, we had a few disasters along the way. the peas boiled over, a glass bowl broke, the mashed potatoes were cold (despite being put in the oven for even longer to warm up), my deviled eggs looked horrendous (my first attempt), but all in all, we had a nice afternoon together. I know I complain, but I'm so thankful for my family and how close we are!

My little sis, Trisha
After lounging for a little bit, I picked up my friend, Whitney, and we headed to Walmart to brave the crowds (actually to elbow our way to the deals). It was my first black Thursday/Friday experience, and I would consider it a success! I went for the $10 crockpot, and although it was gone by 9:15, I did score some other deals: a wireless all in one printer for $40, a Bissell 3 in 1 vac for $8.95, a mattress cover for $30 (which will be returned), some dvd's, and a larger crockpot for only $20.

The next day, I had a therapy session (which sucked), but it was only 3 hours long, so I spent the rest of the day shopping for some more black Friday deals. Again, all for myself! I went back to BG on Saturday to watch the WKU football game against Troy. It was an awesome game. (My Cats played against TN Saturday, and finally ended the 26 year losing streak! Go CATS!) We did a little bit more shopping, but I didn't do near as much damage on Sat than I did the other two days.

All-in-all, it was a successful weekend. Did you find any good deals? Please fill me in!

Today is Cyber Monday. Do you know of any good deals? Again, please let me know!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinterest Project: Memo boards

I love pinning some DIYs on Pinterest, but the real challenge is to actually do them. Yes, it's cool. Yes, it saves money. But I'm not very creative, and I always feel like an idiot when it turns out bad.

I was in Hobby Lobby one day, and decided I was going to make something for my sister and brother in law for their new house (either to give as a housewarming or Christmas gift...yet to be determined). I thought back to pinterest, and had the perfect idea in mind.

Here's my inspiration:

I wanted to do a memo type board that they could use for whatever....not just recipes, or menus, or whatever.  So here is what I came up with...

My version:

What you need:
-8x10 frame- These were much cheaper than the 12x12 scrapbook frames. I got these when they were 50% off. I just picked frames (and paper) that would go with their decor.
-8.5x11 scrapbook paper- I loved that there were so many choices of paper designs. The first one is a damask print and the second looks just like burlap. These were about .25 cents each...if that.
-Pack of stickers from the scrapbook section. About $4.
-2 pack of dry erase markers $1.99

I just put the stickers on the scrapbook paper, inserted the paper into the frame, cut off the extra, and bought a small dry-erase marker for each.

What I love: This was super easy, cheap, and I think they will love it. I love that it is personalized, and that I made it! I also love that you can completely change the look for the holidays or a room re-do simply by changing the paper in it. Easy Peasy!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HauteLook Scores

When Molly tweeted about a great deal she had found at Ideeli, I knew immediately that I needed to sign up for these websites. I asked around, signed up for several, and have been getting the deals emailed to me every single morning. HauteLook had an awesome sale yesterday on some bracelets, and I scored them for half off. I couldn't be more excited to get them in the mail!

Here's what I ordered, and they were only $12.50 each!!

I can't wait to wear these layered. Won't they look awesome?

Here are a few more bracelets that I would have bought if funds were unlimited.
Only $19





I  may go on and order this one!

Aren't these adorable?

Check them out here. If you need an invite to HauteLook, please leave a message with your email address. I'll be sure to invite you today, and I get a credit for it! :) It's win-win!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look what I bought...

I had to run to the mall to pick up a Christmas gift that my mom wanted to get my dad. It just so happened that my dad also gave me money to pick up my mom something. I feel like I should be a personal shopper. Wouldn't that be so fun?? Ugh, yeah!

So while I was there, I picked up a few things for myself. I mean you just cant pass up a good deal, right? And I mean I didn't buy it unless I absolutely loved it....and even then, I  put back some things that I absolutely loved. Oh the joys of having a conscience.....

From Kirklands:

Amber soap dispense $9.99 on sale

Wrought iron holder with dog bowls $12.99 on sale
Won't this be cute in my kitchen for little Mia?
From Kohls:

Grey moccasins $17.97 on sale
I have these in tan and I wore them all winter long last year. Love.

Cap $9.80 on clearance
I'm nervous about wearing this. I hope I don't look silly!

Trying it on in the store. Crazy picture, but stupid?
From Trees and Trends:
Double insulated cup $6.99 (Usually 13.99 at local stores)
From the WKU bookstore:
Tee on clearance for $9.99 with an extra 25% off
WKU sweatshirt on clearance for $30.99 with an extra 25% off
I also picked up a Christmas gift....and I still have my eye on some other things. Is there a place to go for obsessive shopping?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SO WHAT Wednesday

Linking up to do some SO WHATS, just because I feel like it! :)

SO WHAT if I want to go home after work every afternoon, put on my pjs, and lounge around in the dark. I don't have any kids, a husband to take care of, and nothing going on, so I don't feel SO guilty about it.

SO WHAT if my thoughts are consumed by food most of the time. (If you have seen any pictures of me at all) you know I like to eat. If something I've eaten doesn't satisfy me, I feel like I'm still hungry. For instance, I had a granola bar for breakfast this morning, am still hungry, and have been thinking about lunch for awhile now.

SO WHAT if I'm an emotional wreck because of different things. Example- The holidays always make me feel lonely. I want a family too, y'all. When will it be my turn?

SO WHAT if I haven't been reading much lately because I don't want to spend money to download books. BN used to have free Nook books, but no more. Poop.

SO WHAT if I'm a nervous wreck because I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year. My parents are in the middle of moving and instead of going somewhere for dinner, I want to cook. What have I gotten myself into?

Do you have any SO WHATs today? Let me in on them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moment of Moodiness

Girls. I know you've had those moments...where all you want to do is cry, scream, and feel sorry for yourself. That was me on Sunday. I came home from my sisters and didn't even make it out of the car before I started crying. It continued off and on until I fell asleep. Yep. That moody.

And you know what's horrible about being moody in this day and age? Expressing it through social media. Y'all, when I'm upset, everyone knows about it. I can't hide it. So, I tweeted my moody tweets. Even my girl, Hannah, noticed and said something about kidnapping me for a drink. Wouldn't that have been fun?! I think so.

Next, it was time for the facebook. What did I do on there, you ask? I deleted over 500 "friends." Now, looking back, I realize that was sort of a rash and harsh decision. But at the time, I was like, he isn't a friend....I don't want her knowing my business....I don't speak to them (and vice-versa) if I see them out. So why have them on the facebook? (FYI- I did know everyone on there....just not personally...if you were wondering.) Now, I wish that I hadn't been so beeotchy, and could take back those delete friends moments.

So the moral of the story? Don't do anything in a moment of moodiness, even if it is deleting a bunch of people on the facebook.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bloggers: Take Note

Since I have had a time with some bloggy stuff that irritate the heck out of me, I thought I would share what they are. That way if you are doing them, you can change your awful, terrible, no good ways!

#1: Email
Guys. I love ya. I really do. But please enable your dang email! I love getting your sweet comments, and I try to respond to every single one of them. I'll click the reply button, write out my equally as sweet reply, go to hit send, and see the dreaded NO-REPLY COMMENT. Grrr. It's really simple to fix, y'all. Here's what ya do: Go to My Account. Click on Blogger Settings. Click the box next to show email. Easy Peasy.

#2: Captcha/Word Verification
I hate doing this. It takes longer to load. I have to take time to figure out the different letters and numbers, and it's just a hassle. Please remove it!

#3: Embedded Comments
Ya know those time you leave a comment on and it takes you to a page that says you don't have access to leave a comment. Then you have to sign out, and sign back in, but uncheck the box that says stay signed in. Then you have to do that word verification thing. Yeah...that's a lot of steps, right? Well if you just have the comment  placement in a pop-up box, you don't have to deal with any of that! Boom.

#4: Music
More than likely I'm doing other things while reading your blog (at work, watching tv, listening to the radio), so I don't want to have to scroll down the page to find the mute button just to read your blog. More than likely, you are the only one that wants to listen to whatever song you have playing so just leave it alone. If you want to put a playlist on your page, please make it optional to listen to it. K? Thanks!

I think that's the end of my pet-peeve list. And I KNOW I'm not alone on this, because I see other bloggers post this stuff all of the time. So take note....if you are doing this, please change your silly ways!

Have a happy Monday, ladies!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Confession Session

Time to confess, y'all!

I confess...
I've started 2 books this week and can't get into either one of them. The first is Mitch Albom's Have a Little Faith and the second is Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes.I just can't find a good book to read. Grrr.

I confess...
I really want to read Mindy Kaling's new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, but don't want to pay to buy or download it. I know. I'm cheap. ----Edit----Just received a coupon from Barnes & Noble, so it looks like I'm going to break down and buy it. Score!

I confess...
my lawn guy came this week to mow the yard and get the leaves out of the yard. The next day, my neighbors leaves fall and cover the side yard and my driveway. I mean I know it's not his fault, but shit. I paid money to get that yard clean.

I confess...
I left work #1 today at 1, like normal when I have therapy sessions, drove the 40 minutes to BG where I do the therapy, walked in the room, and get a call from the parent. The client is sick with a fever and had to leave daycare that morning. I drove to BG for nothing. Since there is no session, there is no paycheck for me. So basically I wasted money in gas to drive down there for nothing. :( Angry about that.

I confess...
I'm excited for this weekend! It's the first weekend in a long while that I haven't had to run in a million directions. I'm looking forward to sleeping in and chillin!

What are your juicy confessions today?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Alphabet of My Life


Ambition: To have a family
Bad Habit: Worrying, being too emotional
City: Glasgow
Drink: By far, McDonald's coke. It's delish.
Education: B.A. English and M.A.E. School Counseling
Food: Cheese Pizza, Potatoes
Guilty Pleasure: Buying dvd's and shoes
Hometown: Glasgow, KY
Ice Cream: Cheesecake ice-cream with raspberry mix-ins from Cold Stone
Jonesing for: a getaway
Kryptonite: Shopping. Seriously. Everything is right in the world when I have a good shopping day!
Look-a-like: I don't think I have one. If you think so, please let me know!
Movie: Remember the Titans, Twilight saga, SATC, Shag
Nickname: Mel
Obsession: Lately? One Tree Hill
Perfume: Unconditional Love by Philosophy
Quirk: The only one I can think of is the way I eat certain foods; like hot pockets or pop tarts. I eat the outside first, then the crust, then the filling. Strange?
Regret: Not going after my dreams.
Starbucks: White Hot Chocolate
Thrift Find of the Year: I found an iron tiered stand for $2 bucks at a yard sale. Score!
University: Western Kentucky University. Go Hilltoppers!!
Vacation: None planned for this year...but I desperately need to see a beach soon!
Wine: I prefer fruity drinks served with an umbrella
X: now this one is impossible
Years: 28 :(
Zen: A cold rainy day, me in some comfy clothes curled up in bed watching One Tree Hill with my dog. Perfect!

What are your abcs? If you do this, come back and let me know so I can check out your list!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ya know what I hate?

Tacky cars. Yep. Everytime I pull out on the road, I see a car that makes me cringe. So, I thought I would share the things that annoy me. (And if you are one of these people, well I'm glad I won't see you on the road! :D Just kidding...don't take me too seriously!)

Stick People

So freaking annoying. I can just imagine June Cleaver having these on her wood-paneled station wagon.

In Loving Memory of the decal

Maybe I'm heartless for hating these, but I just think they are tacky. Last week, I saw a car that had 4 of them on their back windshield. Maybe if you have one small one, okay. But if it covers the whole back glass or if you have multiple...get rid of it!

Bumper Stickers/Magnets

This goes along with all of the decals. Too many=Me wanting to run you off the road. I'm all about supporting your team or whatever, but do it with a little reservation. Heck, I am even known to sport a UK or a WKU decal, or a fun owl that says Let It Be. But only one at a time. Monday, I saw a car with 4 different UK magnets. (4 must be the magic number these days.) I think I could assume that you are a fan with only 1 magnet!

Side Stripes

This is so 90's and so so ugly! Why in hades would you put this crap on a car?


Someone please explain to me what the purpose of this God awful contraption is? You aren't having to hold up any breasts, so no bras are needed. Take it off immediately!

Names on Windows

Is this to let your passengers know that your seat has been called. Yep, your name is on it, so I guess it's your window seat. Dang. Stupid!

Decals on Windshields

Now this is just dumb. It reminds me of 16 year olds that have a crappy car, but try to pimp it up with some decals naming their POS car. Just don't.

Lesson to be learned: Melanie doesn't like anything flashy or tacky on the car. Leave it be. If you must, put one thing and one thing only. That's ok. Keep it simple, people!

Does anything on cars annoy you like they do me? Please share so I don't feel alone!
(All of the pictures were from Google Images.)
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