Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The long story of a wreath

I blog stalk. It's what blog readers do, right?

So one day, I came across a blogger that makes wreaths. Super cute wreaths. Since sometimes I get a wild hair to be crafty, I wanted to make a wreath to support my most favoritist team ever...the UK Wildcats. If there is a UK game on, I'm watching it and I love all things UK.

So I headed to Hobby Lobby one Saturday and bought a grapevine wreath, two spools of wired ribbon and some letters and paint.

Gots to the house, painted my lettes, and tried making a big poofy bow. Then I failed. The ribbon just wasn't big enough and wire wasn't strong enough to make the bow I needed. So later that week, I went to Walmart where I bought some more ribbon and tried making another bow. I failed. The bow just wasn't big enough and looked blah.

So I made my weekly trip to Hobby Lobby again, and finally decided on some deco mesh to make the bow. It was perfect! Score!!!!

I stuck with one color for the bows, and it clashed with one set of letters, so I painted the letters all the same color, super glued them onto the wreath. This resulted in a minor burn on the tip of my finger which went numb. I couldn't use it for a few hours, but all is well now.

After I finished the product, I of course, uploaded it to facebook. I'm please with the amount of "likes" it received.....that's sure to make my little crafty self feel good about my little project. It's not like the wreath that I used for inspiration, but I think it will do.

What do you think?

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

This is the random of all random post today. Enjoy!

-- I clocked many miles on the ole chevy this weekend. I have a friend that likes to ride around and scope out things with me when we are bored. So that's what we did. A tank of gas was used, but the laughs and chats were priceless.

--Shopping was on my agenda for Saturday. The 7 year old munchkin decided he wanted to hang out with the neighborhood boys instead of going to the movie. That is totally fine with me. I mean I love taking him, but I could care less about the movies that he wants to see. So if he'd rather play, then let him play. That just means I got to BG earlier for a quick trip.

--That quick trip turned into 6 hours of fun. I met my friend, Meg, and her hubby and baby for lunch at Griffs, one of my favorite places to eat. Meg hopped in the car with me and we hit up pretty much all of BG, like usual. I walked away with a large glass candle holder for my mantle, 2 short sleeve sweaters, some items for a bachelorette shower, and a pair of navy khakis from Old Navy for a mere $12.50. Score! of course, all of the items were on sale or I wouldn't have bought them. You should know me by now.

--I visited with my Nanny yesterday and had a sweet time. She's so funny, but Lord she repeated herself so many times. I want to interject, "Nanny! You told me that last week." But I let her ramble. I figure when I'm 85, I'll be rambling too. Heck, I'm in my 20's and ramble. I guess it runs in the family.

--VMAs were last night and they never fail to entertain. I just want to know.....why do people dress up in costumes when it isn't Halloween. I mean over the age of 5, it just isn't cute.

-Lady Gaga was again, a disaster. What was with the cross-dressing theater act all night? We get it. You are for equality. It's just too much. (And to think I was starting to love her from blasting "You and I" all weekend. She shot that in the foot.) I mean the whole thing was just uncomfortable to watch.
-Nicki Minaj- she always dresses like one of the little munchkins from Wizard of Oz. Freak show.
-Katy Perry- I mean she was wearing a block of cheese on her head. Calling all of the food midgets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I mean I know they want to push the envelope, but geezo. Lets pretend we are adults, at least.
-I know Chris Brown is a woman beater, but I can't help but love him. He's just so cute, and man does he have moves. 

--I missed Real Housewives of New Jersey last night. Dang it. I know it will be on again about a million times. Can't wait to catch up with my favorite Manzo family.

--I finished The Hunger Games Saturday morning and I can't wait to begin the second book in the trilogy. I didn't think I would like it at all, but I loved The Hunger Games! I could not put it down. You should definitely read it.

I guess that's it for my randomness today.
Have an awesome Monday, readers!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Friday = confessing with Mamarazzi! Can I get a whoo hoo!?

I confess...
that I am still pissed that I participated in a blog swap in June and STILL have not received my item from one of my partners. I know I confessed this earlier, but c'mon! The partner posted that she had received my item, and what, you just don't send one back? I emailed the host who said she would look into it, but then ignored my other emails. I want to call them out on here so badly, but I just don't feel like that is the right thing to do. But seriously......how can you be okay with signing up for a swap knowing you aren't going to send anything? And how can the host just ignore it? It makes me not want to do another swap ever.

I confess...
that I'm super excited about winning a giveaway from Ali at Young & Restless blog! I never win anything, and what a great way to begin today!!! I think cookies that you win are calorie-free, so even better! (That's what I've been told!!!)

I confess...
I bought Something Borrowed on dvd this week. It was only $15 and it was a cute movie. I actually liked the movie better after I looked back on it. It's really hard to compare a movie and book after seeing/reading both. So based just on the movie, it's really good!

I confess...
sometimes I take my cousin's little boy to the movies. He lives with his grandmother (along with his 18 month old brother) after his mom was killed, so I like to take them as much as I can. The oldest is 7 and animated movies and kiddies movies is obviously his forte. I'm never a fan of them, but he likes them, so that makes me happy. Anywho- this weekend, he wants to see Spy Kids. Looks dumb, but I'll definitely take him. The things you do for kids....even when they aren't yours.

Well, lovelies, that's all I have today. Have a fabulous Friday, and an even better weekend!
Peace and blessings, y'all! Peace. and. Blessings. (Extra credit if you can tell me what that's from!)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seriously? Week 2

Time for week 2 of the dumb stuff I've seen people do this week. Oh me.....

-- A guy comes in to check on a vehicle. He is wearing denim overalls, and black tee shirt, and whitey tighteys. How do I know he's wearing whitey tighteys? His overalls are unbuttoned on the side and his tee shirt is tucked into his underwear. For reals. Seriously?

-- A lady comes in with 5 kids....5, while an insurance adjuster is writing an estimate on her pos car. They are screaming, running around, making all kinds of noises, and lying on the floor and on the benches. The office is quite small, with 2 benches, and these heathen kids are sprawled out over everything. If I had a gun, I would have used it on myself. Seriously, lady. Shut your kids up!

--A lady asks how long it will take to fix her car. She then proceeds to tell us it's the only car she has and can she just drive one of ours that we have for sale. What???? I mean is it normal for people to go into a business and ask to borrow things? Seriously?

--A lady calls this morning wanting to check on her "Chevy Dodge Caliberlier." A what?????

What dumb stuff have you seen this week?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Do you follow Sorority Problems on twitter? If not, you totally should. She's hilarious. People find her so funny, that she's written a short little book (about 189 pages that I read in like an hour or so) about her crazy life in a sorority house.

Basically, Alexa (sorority girl) is a drunken, crazy mess. The book gives different stories of her life in college about drunken mishaps, flings with boys, and super embarrassing instances that I can't believe made it to print.

No, this isn't a great literary contribution to society, but if you want a vulgar filled book that will make you laugh out loud, this is it. I described Alexa to my friend in a text as a "preppy Chelsea Handler." Really.

Remember I said laugh out loud? I totally did. And I highlighted those parts, just so I could remember them to share later. Some of my favorite quotes from the book  include:

"Little did Carol [the mom] know she was making the biggest mistake of her life since she decided not to abort me eighteen years earlier."

"I almost fel like kneeling down on the tile and praying, but then I remembered that although my parents are catholic, my religion is wine..."

"But when your face spells out the words uptight and disgusted from across the room you know you need a little penis in your life."

"Vodka: it's like a colonic in a bottle."

My favorite!!!!
"I cannot handle people who call people. Seriously, who even does that anymore? Whenever my phone rings I wonder if the person calling me is either A. warning me about an approaching tsunami, B. notifying me there is a warrant out for my arrest, or C. batshit crazy. I mean it's not like people even use their phones to actually speak to people anymore; in fact, it is very telling that our phones have simply become apps on our phones."

"....made me go wilder than Tara Reid at a wine bar."

"I felt drawn to him like a drunk, slutty moth to a drunk, slutty flame..."

"My stomach handled Mexican as well as Kendra Wilkinson handled dignity."

"Talk about a full fu**ing circle. Come hell, high water, or shit in my pants, I will always have Britney."

"There is nothing that can make me freak the fu** out like getting a text from someone I want to have sex with."

"I have a serious problem with oversharing: I always say too much; give up too much of myself; reveal too much of my personality; send one text too many; and it is almost never reciprocated." Hello, Self!

Funny, right? It's only $5 bucks from bn.com for the Nook. It's 5 dollars worth of funny.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Visited Websites (other than Blogger)

#1. Facebook

It's a given; I'm nosey and like to see what's going on with other people.

#2. Pinterest

Love this site. Whomever invented it was genius!

What are your top 2 websites?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Monday Randomness

Monday's are the best for some random tid-bits in one post.

--I ordered seasons 1,  2, 4, 5, 6 and bought season 7 of One Tree Hill this weekend. They were out of season 3, so I must find it soon. I was going to buy it one season at a time, but they were so cheap that I just had to get them all at once. I couldn't risk not getting them! I watch this show every single time I see it on tv (Soapnet reruns). I watch it so much, I even dream of Nathan. Seriously. It's probably sad how much I love this show.

--I thought I heard an intruder last night. Sometimes I hear noises and get paranoid, but even my dog jumped. It freaked me out. I live alone, so it's totally normal to get paranoid sometimes, right?

--I watched The Adjustment Bureau this weekend. Have you guys seen it? I was a little hesitant because the storyline seemed a little crazy (I usually don't like movies that can't happen in real life, minus Twilight, of course), but this was so good. I love me some Matt Damon, and even liked Emily Blunt in it. Great movie.

--I also finally rented Something Borrowed. I read the book earlier this summer, but never got to the movies to see it. How hot was Dex in this movie? Over all, I was a little disappointed. I usually am disappointed with a movie after I read the book (except Twilight and The Help, they were awesome). I mean I know they can't put the whole movie in there, but I don't understand why they change things, like small details. Despite that it was different and taking the whole comparison to the book out, it was a cute movie.

--While watching Something Borrowed, I realized how much I really love John Krasinki. He has that nerdy sweet hot factor, and I just love that. He's not the typical Hollywood Hottie, but I love that too! Swoooon.

--I bought Sorry I'm Not Sorry by Sorority Girl Problems for my Nook. I can't wait to start reading it! Have you read it? I was going to start it this morning, but left my Nook at the house. Fail.

--I raided iTunes last night. I didn't nap at all like I usually do  because I wanted to get to sleep at a decent hour. Unfortunately, I still couldn't sleep, so I went to iTunes to find some new music. After getting bored with searching, I went to my library and listened to my favorites (Gavin Degraw, The Fray, and The Script) repeatedly. All three of those were near me in concert this summer and I didn't get to attend because none of my friends were interested in going. :( Sad face. I was totally bummed that I missed them, but wasn't about to go alone.

--I brought a banana to eat as part of my breakfast, but it is still in my purse. Why? Because I HATE eating bananas in public. Think about it. Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable putting a long curved thing in your mouth in front of people? Tell me I'm not being weird.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Link up with Carissa and share your randoms.

Friday, August 19, 2011



I confess...
You know my buying habits by now. And you know when I have a "hankering" to get something, I get antsy until it's bought. So I decided I needed another charm for my practically empty charm bracelet. I bought a heart charm and a basketweave bead to put between my new charm and older owl one.

I confess...
I've reverted back to childhood and am reading Judy Blume. I'm sad to say I've never read Deenie, but my aunt was excited to show it to me since it was her favorite book growing up. Mine was a sister to Deenie, or maybe a distant cousin. I remember reading Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret a million times. If I can find that book, I'm going to read it again. So good.

I confess...
I watched The Help last week, as you know from a previous post (and LOVED it, btw), so I talked my sister into reading it. She finally agreed, so I lent my Nook to her so she could. Problem is, I've finished all the books I had planned on reading while she had it, and I'm dying for it back. That's the problem with a Nook sharing friend. If they don't have a Nook, it's hard to share. :/
I confess...
I've eaten two World's Famous Chocolate bars this week. You know, those candy bars that kids sell at school with Pizza Hut coupons on the back? Why are they sooo good? I broke down and bought two, because they are THE bombdiggity. I ate one after lunch earlier this week, and I've been saving my last one for the "right" time. (Do you all do that?) I'm eating it now, and I have to admit, it isn't as good as I'd anticipated. They hype just makes things more bland, don't you agree?
I confess...
I called my friend, whose son is selling them and told her to save me some (as in 5). No, I don't need them, but it's not like you can just run to the gas station and get them. And they are soooo good!

I confess...
I missed PLL this week for the game, and while the game was awesome, I'm sad that I missed Hannah and Caleb and more A drama. It's just not the same watching it online.

I confess...
I've been a twitter tweeting fool this week. I love it. Unfortunately, only like one or two people tweet back. I'm a twitter loser (like the last kid to get picked in dodgeball, or something). Who says there aren't cliques online?

What are you confessing today?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Another first for me.
Here's a weekly rant about the dumb stuff people do.
Feel free to add the things you see under the comment section.
OR if you decide to blog about it, please link back to my site. Then leave a comment so I can read about the dumb stuff you've seen!

A man is paying for his repair. He comes to my desk, pays with a credit card, signs the slip, and proceeds to take the change off of my desk (that was there before he arrived) and slips it in his pocket. The dumb stuff people do......

A box of informational flyers about the town is sitting on a bookshelf with a sign labeled "Free! Take one!" A lady says, "Excuse me. Can I have one?" The dumb stuff people do....

A lady is supposed to drop her car off at 8am, and was told it should be done around 1pm. She and her husband bring it and sit until it's finished. Luckily it was finished earlier than that, but they waited 4 hours (walking around the parking lot, sitting outside, and lying on the benches in the office). Seriously? The dumb stuff people do....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Pros

First, let me just say, I'm a die-hard UK Wildcats fan. During basketball season, I eat, sleep, and breathe basketball. It's pretty much a requirement if you are from the old Bluegrass state anyway.

So when I heard that there was a Pro game, I jumped on board. Basically, recent Wildcat players that have gone to the pros came back to play the Dominican National Team that the UK coach is currently coaching. Did ya get that? Game 1 was scheduled in Lexington, and because it sold out so quickly, they played a second game in Louisville. Can I mention how awesome it was to see so much blue in Louisville!?!?!

We made the trek, ate at Hard Rock Cafe (Why did I think this place was so good? Our food was just ehh?) I bought a Lville Hard Rock shirt, complete with horses on the back. Pretty schnazzy, right? i also bought a Pro shirt. I just love buying souvenier tees. It's a habit.

We walked over to the Yum Center, and again, SO MUCH blue in that place was awesome. Our seats were in the lower section, at the end of the court, so I was pretty pumped!

This was before the game; hence, the empty seats.
The best part was seeing the old KY players. You may recognize some of these names; muhammed, Cousins, Wall, Liggins, Harrellson, Bledsoe, and my favorite....Rajon Rondo! You  know, from the Boston Celtics?? So pumped!

Rajon Rondo!
Here are a few pictures from our night.

Whitney, Me, and Megan

John Wall driving to the basket.

Jorts shooting some free throws.

And my favorite Cat, John Wall!
Go Big Blue!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday--- Launch of the link up party!

Hey, gals! I'm starting Top 2 Tuesday. I participated in a link up like this when I began, but the blogger quit doing it, so I wanted to start one. I loved it that much! Copy my button, set up the link to my page, and list your top 2 items to go with the topic (and pictures if you want). Then link up at the bottom so other readers and I can check out your top 2! If you are new to a link up, and not sure how to do it, message me and I'll send you some guides.

Topic: Top 2 Hobbies

#1: Reading
I love to read. If it entertains me in the least, then I'll read it!
If it doesn't, but I've already started it, I have to finish it.

#2: Traveling

Traveling is one of my all time favorite things to do. I don't care if it's somewhere historical, beachy, adventurous, I'll go and enjoy it. I don't get to do it nearly as much as I'd like, but if I get the chance, I'm there. 

What are your top 2 hobbies?

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Linky!!!

Announcement---There's a new linky coming to Sarcasm and Curls. What is it?

Every week, I will post a topic, and you blog about your top 2. I participated in one like this when I first started blogging, but it's no longer being done and I miss it. So, I'm doing it on my own. Tomorrow is the day.  Spread the word!!!

Miscellany Monday

Hola, amigas! I had a great weekend, even though it was busy, busy, busy!

Friday- A friend of mine is moving, so I helped her move a few boxes to the new place. We then sat in the empty living room and chatted for an hour. or two. We stuffed some envelopes with wedding invites, made a late night trip to Walmart, had Mcdonalds at midnight (and omg was it delish!), went through some kiddie yardsale clothes for my cousin.....good night.

Saturday- I slept in. Really late. Aaaah. I then met the girls for a day of shopping, bridesmaid dress alterations, eating, and more shopping. I got some fabulous finds. My favorite two are below.
It's not Michael Kors, but I mean really.....$300 for a watch is a little out of my price range.
Just what I wanted and it was on sale. SCORE!

Gianni Bini "Rumer" from Dillards. On sale. SCORE!
Sunday- Slept in again. Aaaah. The mother called and asked if I wanted to look for a lake house. Ummm, yes? They have been looking for a week or two; I hope hope hope they find something. A lake house for the weekend sounds like a good time for Mel. We ate Italian at Mom's favorite restaurant, Gondolier, and I went home to take a nap. Which kept me up super late.

I can't believe it's Monday already! How was your weekend? Did you find any good deals?

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Check out Carissa's link up, and be random!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I've not been sleeping well lately. I guess with school starting again, it's left me pretty down. Especially when people ask about it. Last night, Mia woke me up about 3ish to go outside. I was awake about 2 hours before finally falling back asleep, and spent the whole time worrying and thinking and worrying about my current situation. I know worrying doesn't help, but how do you stop? They say when God closes one door, another opens. So far, I haven't seen any doors, windows, or even a crack. I'm frustrated.

I know I talk about this often, but it still bothers me. I guess it will until something happens.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help

If I'm not mistaken, I've talked about reading The Help, and how much I absolutely loved it. Normally, I'm not one to like pieces with such dialect, but this story was so good. And while I loved the interaction between Skeeter and the maids, I was horrified at the behavior of the other white women. I can't imagine living in a world that was like this.

Anywho- last night was the release of the movie, and I was so excited to see it. I was a little nervous, I admit, because I get so hyped up from the book, that the movie usually disappoints me. This was different. The movie depicted the book very well. Yes, there were some parts left out, but you can't squeeze a whole book into a movie. It's impossible.

The characters were just like I imagined. They had such big personalities, and I instantly wanted to be friends with Skeeter, Aibilene, and Minnie.

Since Easy A, I've loved Emma Stone. She is a great actor, so funny, and I think we were meant to be best friends! She was great in this movie. Her facial expressions alone made the character of Skeeter come alive.

If you see anything this year, go see The Help. Then come back, and tell me what you think! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Misty!

Today would have been Misty's 22nd birthday. She was taken from us far too soon, and I miss her so much.

Misty- I know you are in heaven eating some cake and ice-cream with Poppa. Be sure to share with Toby; he likes it too! :)

Oh, how pinteresting!

I love Wednesdays, because there is always a fun link up somewhere.


Since I'm so obsessed with Pinterest, I'm featuring some fashions that I've found on there. I'm dying for some fall weather, so I've chosen to share ones that will be perfect for my favorite season. See if you notice a common item.

Notice a common item? Cardigans!!! I love them, and pretty much live in them when it's cool.
What are you pinning on your fashion board?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The day of exhaustion....

With one of the people being on vacation this week, it's been crazy hectic for the other two (me and another). Yesterday was non-stop. Customers filing in, one after another, phone ringing off the hook, drop-offs. I'm telling you; it was insane. We hadn't had a day like that in a few weeks.

Needless to say, by the end of the day; heck, even by mid-day, I was exhausted. I knew I would be going home, and hitting my comfy, cool bed. That's just what I did. I slept until 8 pm, people. I woke up, had a salad, some carrots, and a fudge round, watched some tv, and was ready for bed again. Except I was wide awake. So what did I do? Popped some over the counter sleep aids and went to sleep.

Unfortunately, I woke up exhausted this morning. It's only 10am, but I'm yawning like a lion, my head is a little cloudy, and I really think I could lay my head on my desk and snooze.

Probably a bad idea, but I'm counting down until 5 so I can go home and nap.

Any ideas for how to wake up?????

Monday, August 8, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Linking up with Carissa this morning. So many randoms....
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
  • On Friday, I went to BG with some friends. We found some decorations for our friends bachelorette party next month at Hobby Lobby. There were some other things I needed for some crafts I have planned, but they weren't half off, and by golly, I won't buy anything from there if it isn't on sale!
  • I ate some yummy food at Montana Grille. That place is the bombdiggity.
  • Had the worst experience of my life at Kohls. Long story short- I went to get a rug. As I entered the rug dept., a couple was leaving with it. The only one. I almost had a hissy fit. I ended up ordering it from a kiosk (which was pure hell because those things don't work correctly), but it was cheaper, so ha!
  • I can't wait to get the rug in. It's a little different than the decor I have, but I need something to punch up the space. It's so boring right now. Pictures to come whenever the rug is in place!
  • Finally stopped at Chuck's and bought some whipped vodka that I've been dying to get since Chelsea mentioned it weeks and weeks ago. I bought some wine too, but I didn't love. I guess I'm just not cut out for wine drinking.
  • I slept all day long on Sat. Got bored and messaged some friends. I decided to invite myself over to one, so another and I packed up and drove to visit. Good thing we were all lame and had nothing to do so we could do it together.
  • I about had another hissy fit because some plans for next month were shot in the foot. A few months ago, I bought tickets for Katy Perry in Sept. When I mentioned it on Sat, the friend was like "Oh, I can't go. I have a cousin's wedding." Well, hell fire!
  • I know she couldnt help it,  but I was upset. We've had these tickets for months. I was stoked about getting out of town for a night. I can NEVER find anyone to go to concerts with me because they never like or want to spend money on whoever it is I want to see. I'd finally found someone to go, and bam. Not anymore. Still miffed....not at her, but the situation.
  • I had the best pizza ever from Gondolier yesterday. Barbeque chicken minus the onion. Yummo, kids!
  • It's only 10 am, and I've already dealt with three ppl that irked me. One lady filled out her paper and said here, while holding it out for me to come get. Rude! Another guy asked if someone was in the bathroom or if we kept it locked. Then asked a question, knowing I hadn't checked yet because he was still on the phone. He was an abrasive, rude asshole. Rude! Lastly, a lady requested that we not smoke in her car. Wha?? I told her we know better than to do that. Rude! Seriously, people, we don't run a circus here. I think I can handle my job.
  • I can't find the book I'm in the middle of reading. It's not that great, but I still wanted to finish it.
  • I bought a mini fan for my desk at work. It's already worked wonders.
Have I written too much? I could probably write twice this, but I guess I don't want you all completely dozing out halfway through....
Have a great week, kids!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Story of My Short Career. Part 2.

---The Middle---

After getting hired at the new school, I was anxious to find an apartment at home and move back. I was also ready to get things going at the new  place. Before I begin this chapter, I should let you know that everyone I told about the new place was a little hesitant. The county is known for not being a bad place, but different. The majority of the county is low income and farming and factory workers are the predominant occupations. Most students are not interested in the least about furthering their education. This is fine, but it does have a lot to do with my story.

My mom is also off summers, so one morning we drove the 20 minutes to the school to find my classroom and get some things prepared. I was hired the first week in June, but wanted to get a jumpstart on things. When I saw the room and everything in it, I wanted to run. It was the nastiest room I'd ever seen. Dust, dirt, cobwebs, piles of papers and books was what we saw. We left to gte some cleaning supplies, returned and spent several hours just cleaning. In the midst of this, the guidance counselor greeted me, and we started talking about the classes I was going to teach. They were completely different from what I was told in my interview. When mom and I got back to the room, I burst into tears. "I just want to go home," I remember saying through sobs.

The year began, and it was a little rocky.I was not used to the behavior of these kids. It was obvious that they were used to doing what they wanted, talking to people (teachers, adults, etc.) like they wanted, and basically making school a big joke. I usually come across in two ways-- either bitchy or super nice. I really don't have an in between. When being bitchy didn't work, I tried the other approach. It didn't work either. To be effective, I think you need to find a balance, and I just couldn't do that. The kids, seniors who were 17, 18, and 19) walked all over me. How can you make someone care and help them, when they won't try to help themselves. The only thing that saved me that year was the support of my family and friends at the school. I know I vented enough for everyone, but I needed help on how to deal. I spent many lunch breaks, planning periods, and afternoons in tears because it was so hard. During this time, I also lost my only aunt on my dad's side. She had no children, and my sister and I were the only grandkids/neices on that side, so we were extremely close to her. That was really difficult.

At the end of the year, I got another pink slip, but the principal was working with the superintendent to find a way to keep me. Somehow, cheerleading came up. My across the hall neighbor teacher was wanting to coach, and asked me to be assisstant. They thought this would be a good way to keep me too! Due to some situations, I was named head coach and she was named assisstant. Note that I have never coached anything in my life...and the shocking part- never been a cheerleader! I was always into basketball. Oh geez. What had I gotten myself into?

A few days later, I learned that the orginal coach-turned-assisstant-but-still-technical-coach was going to be replaced. I didn't even know this new person, and remember, nothing about cheering! Needless to say, that summer of teaching myself about some cheer basics, holding tryouts in the middle of the summer, attending a cheer camp, and dealing with some pretty infamously troubled parents were just the beginning.

School started in August, and things got worse. We had a complete new schedule, trouble with the state for low test scores, a new interim principal, some more of the same type of kids, and helping with a dual-credit class. And did I mention I was Pep Club sponsor? Talk about stress. I was having more trouble with the kids, and I admit that most of it was probably because I just wasn't sure how to deal with this demographic and age group. Having cheerleaders in the room caused some respect issues and it was terrible.

During this year, my cousin, who I grew up with, was killed. It was shocking and pretty hard to deal with. On top of the school stress, I just did not handle things very well. I understand that should be dealt with outside of school, but it affected my entire life. A lot of school activities were outside of school (you teachers know what I mean....). Again, at the end of the year, I got a pink slip. To be honest, I knew it was coming. Like I said, I had not had a good year!! I was pretty disappointed in myself.

I can't say I had much support at school. After getting the pink slip, it was like having a giant P on my chest (you know, like Hester Prynne had an A on her chest). Some kids made fun of me, and teachers, that I had previously been close to, just stopped talking to me. Seriously. It was like I had the plague or something.

After the school year ended, I had nothing lined up. I had gotten my Master's degree during this time (did I mention that before? It wouldn't have been a huge deal if I didn't have the other extra stuff too). I had bought a house the year before, lived alone, supported myself, and was a nervous wreck. I was hoping and praying I could find something so I could just live! But to be honest, I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be teaching. After the last two years in what I like to call "hell," I just didn't know if teaching was for me. Why would I purposely put myself through that again? I was ready to quit.

---The Present---
After two years of not finding a teaching or counseling job, or a job at the local colleges and universities, I'm still "jobless." I get so many questions about why I'm not teaching, and I hate it. It's a touchy subject for me. And people don't realize how rude they sound. I just want to scream, "STOP ASKING ABOUT TEACHING!!!"

Believe it or not, I have nightmares about teaching. Every dream I have about teaching is about me with a room full of kids like I had. They talked over me, I had no control, the room was chaos. You think I'm lying, but I'm not. The only bad dreams I have are about classrooms and students like the ones I had. I wake up and swear I'm never teaching again.
I've thought about what else I could do. I could get a job around town doing something, but honestly, I'm not sure they would cover my bills. I could go back to school and get another degree, but I currently owe $20,000 + in school loans from my Masters (which is being of NO help to me right now.)

I pray. I cry. I scream. I pray some more. But I have no answers. I don't know what to do. I don't know my purpose. I don't know what's in store for me, and that is the worst thing.

I know, again, that most of this is complaining, but I just needed to get my "story" out there; Why I'm a "teacher" but not teaching. After 3.5 years of doing that, and 6.5 years of school for it, I just don't know if it's for me. But I don't know what is for me. If you are the praying kind, please say a prayer for me. That I figure this out soon. That I have a lightbulb moment, and something good comes my way. Thanks.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Story of My Short Career

 ---The Beginning---

This may be long, and a little ho-hum, but I don't think I've shared my story of my job and it's short existence.

I always wanted to be a teacher. I can remember getting the cheap dry erase boards at Wal-Mart and taping them to my Nanny's spare bedroom door. I would set up a card table, old worksheets, a roster of the kids in my class, and teach "them" what I had learned at school that week. I could do this for hours.

When I got to high school, teaching was always on my mind. I job shadowed at several different places, and the last place was my old elementary school. When I got to college, my major was undeclared. I did my general ed classes, transfered to the main campus and had a semester of random classes to see what I may be interested in. Yes, that was two years of classes that I mostly would not need. At the end of that semester, I had to choose. I couldn't waste any more time or more of my parents' money. After many discussions with many people about how I should NOT do it, I decided to become a teacher. I subbed a little bit to figure out what grade level I wanted to teach. I chose high school English.

I finished my classes and student teaching 2.5 years later in December of 2006. Jobs don't open often in the middle of the year, and basically I had two choices. Both schools were about 50 minutes from home, but one of them was a better drive (all parkway), so I interviewed and got the job. I started when the spring semester began, and worked the next year too. However, driving almost an hour each way, and eventually living there in the middle of nowhere alone got old. (I realize some people drive this and more, but I didn't like it!)

It was the hardest year of my  life. Teaching is not how they describe it in college. It's not how you see on tv. It's not how you ever imagine. But I loved it.
I told the principal one day that I might be applying to schools closer to home, but I loved working there. And I did. I loved the school, the teachers, I just hated the location. At the end of the year, six teachers at the high school got pink slipped.

Sidenote- if you aren't in the education business, you may not completely understand. A pink slip is not the same as getting "fired" for doing something wrong or awful. Teachers sign yearly contracts. If you don't have tenure (5 years in the same district), you can get pink slipped, which means that you get a notification letter saying at this time, your contract won't be renewed. The school can always call you back later on, but most schools do this because they don't know the budget, blah blah blah. It's common  practice, and almost every teacher I know has been "pink slipped" at some point.

Ok, so I got pink slipped and was upset. When one of my students complained to the principal, he said, "Well, she doesn't want to be here anyway." I knew he had taken it the wrong way. I didn't want to leave, but I wanted to consider my options closer to home. Maybe I shouldn't have told him, but my mom's friend, a principal, had said to be honest. When the principal had told me that I wouldn't be rehired, he did say that I would be getting a call from another school, closer to home, about an interview. I was still upset, but a little relieved.

About 30 minutes later, the other principal called, scheduled an interview, and sounded optimistic. The next week, I went in for the interview, and the next day was offered the job. I took it.

Little did I know what would await me at the new school. The juicy part, or the story of my  journey through hell, will be continued.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, how Pinteresting!

Since I'm basically obsessed with Pinterest, I thought this link up would be  perfect.


Today, I'm featuring some pins on my DIY board.

Perfect for summer!

Upside down table as a dog bed!

Color in the states you've visited.

Cards you want to keep.

Tape and paint

Use a bleach pen

Made from a Dawn handsoap bottle

Scrabble letters as an ornament

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