Friday, July 29, 2011


You know how I roll. Friday confessions=my venting sessions. Sue me.


I confess that the amount of people that cannot fill out a form amazes me. Can you seriously  NOT write your name, address, and phone number yourself? We are far worse off than I imagined!

I confess I had a weird/awesome/ so real dream that I woke up wondering where I was and where everything went. There was a guy in the dream, and while I don't recognize him, I know him. Does that make sense? I've been thinking about this mystery man all day.

I confess that I'm pumped for tomorrow night's GN and wine tasting. I will be getting cuh-ray-zee! My friends reminded me it was a TASTING and not a chugging. Point taken, but may be ignored.

I confess I love talking gangsta; as in not like a normal  person should. For instance, I usually put the word 'the' in front of a noun. I went to the Subway for lunch. I went shopping with the mom yesterday. I am addicted to the Facebook. I often use 'yo' in conversations. I shorten sentences to just phrases. And sometimes I throw up the peace sign, just cause. I'm cool like that, yo.

I confess that I'm still applying for jobs and not even getting a call back. Me still be lame, apparently.

I confess that some swap people dont do what they are supposed to. I signed up for a bracelet swap, bought my bracelets, sent them by the send out date, and have yet to receive anything. Not even an email saying, "Hey, I'm late!" I have emailed the host, but I know it isn't her fault. Boo.

What are you all confessing today?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I pretty much blog about whatever. Sometimes, though, I hold back because friends will be reading. Sometimes I wish I had kept my blogging a secret so I could be uncensored and blog about any little thing that I wanted. But I don't.

Is your blog a secret?

Should I have kept mine a secret?

Is it too late now?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey, Newbies!

Good morning, readers! My number of followers is climbing, and that excites me more than it probably should! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for officially following my little old blog! Since there are some new readers, I thought I would re-introduce myself.

1. I've only been blogging for a few months. I started officially last November, but became a regular blogger in March. I love blogging!

2. My blog is a general life blog. It's my outlet; I write about the good things, the things that bother me, my family and friends, recipes, products, movie/book reviews, etc. You are going to see a lot of randoms here.

3. I love link-ups and do them a few times a week. I think it's a great way to meet new people and to get your blog out there to new readers! I would love to host a link-up (or try to again), so if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know.

4. If you comment, I will more than likely reply, even if it's just to say thanks! I appreciate so much when people read, and especially when they take time out of their day to comment on something I've written. Whether you agree or disagree with what I've written, I love seeing a comment! I also know how it is to follow someone, comment multiple times, and never have the blogger to acknowledge it. It sucks, so I do my absolute best to reply to each and every comment. 

5. I'm a big reader, and have a What I'm Currently Reading gadget on the right column. I'm almost always in the middle of a book...or 2...or 3. I love taking recommendations, so if you are a reader, send some my way! If you have questions or want to discuss a book, let me know! I love discussing things!

If you would like to know more about me, click on the About Me tab. There are some tidbits that let readers know a little bit more about me and my life. As always, feel free to email me about anything! I'm a pretty open book.

And welcome!!!! So glad to have YOU as a follower!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Good Monday morning, readers! Today's post is a little random, which is why I'm calling on Carissa and her random link up!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Last Friday's confessions...
  • Thanks so very much, again, to my bloggy friends who sent kind words of encouragement on Friday and this weekend. A kind word from someone else does wonders for the spirit.
  • There were a few people that think my life is completely in the dumps and want to remind me of that. Ya know what, some people have a bad day. Maybe I have a few more than normal, but am I really that different from everyone else? Do they  not have bad days?
  • This blog is my outlet. I try to post positive uplifting things. But life isn't all positive and happy. Sometimes I vent. Venting helps me. I use this blog as my outlet. Friday confessions seem like the appropriate place to vent.
Now onto the happy....
  • My parent's church, the church I belong to, had revival this past week. Do you all have revival? Is it always a week long or does it vary?
  • As some of you may recall, I've been looking for a church for me. I haven't found one quite yet that stirs my soul. That makes me feel closer to the Lord. One that feels like home.
  • I heard that my home church was going to have a black preacher for our revival. Now, before you all start thinking WHAT? Let me preface...
  • I'm from a small town. I've never heard a  black preacher; heck, I've never even been to a church with a black person.
  • So needless to say, I was excited. I had always heard that worship was different. I wanted to see what this was all about, besides just on the television.
  • I have never had a blessing from church like I did this entire week with this preacher. I got so much from his sermons. I left feeling like I had been wanting to feel from a church my whole life.
  • Several of his church members sang about every night. Even the songs uplifted me. These men and women sang from their hearts. The preacher played the piano without sheet music. The whole church was filled with the spirit this week, and I haven't felt that at this church in the longest time. The whole experience was a blessing to me.
  • I hope  no one takes this the wrong way or I offend anyone. I'm just wanting to explain a new experience for me, and how blessed I was by it.
  • I will definitely be visiting this church again. I've been looking for a new church. One where I leave feeling something. I can't wait to visit!!
  • I want to know-- how did you choose your church? How did you know it was the right choice?
Some things I was reminded of this week (and need to remember)...
  • Give everything to Jesus. The good. The bad. Turn it all over to him.
  • HE is in control and will provide what we need.
  • Don't scratch with the chickens!
  • Be careful of the people you surround yourself with.
  • God works on His timeline. Not ours. Be patient.
  • Remember to let your light shine!
What are you all up to today? Anything exciting happen over the weekend?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Happy List


#1- Blog Friends
Obviously, I was having "a day" yesterday.  So many of you left comments that were encouraging, understanding, and uplifting. Thank you so very much. Each time I read one of those, my heavy heart felt lighter. By the end of the day, I had let the negative go!
 I know that many of my posts are "sad" or "negative", but this is my outlet. I'm glad that you all stick with me, and take the time out of YOUR day to make MY day a little brighter.
 I'm so thankful that I have blog friends like you!

#2- Revival
I had stopped going to my "home" church a few months ago. I have been trying to find a church for me, so I was visiting some places or just staying home on Sunday mornings. For the revival at my "home" church, my parents told me about the visiting preacher, and I knew I wanted to listen to him. I have had the best blessings because of him and his church. They sing and play the piano amazingly. I get a blessing just from that. But what I really love is the preacher. I leave with the best feeling. I leave knowing I'm a Christian and knowing I should be living a better life for the Lord. I leave with a feeling I haven't felt in a long long time. This is what I've been looking for for the past few months.

I think I've written enough this morning. I wasn't intending to turn this into a novel. Haha.
What are you  happy for today?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Confessions on Friday

I'm linking up with Mamarazzi for my weekly confessions today.

I confess...
I could drink grape soda every single day. It's is just scrumbdiddilyumptious.

I confess...
when people don't accept an invitation from me, I take it personally. Especially when it's family.

I confess...
when my besties have plans for the weekend, I feel like a loser. I don't have a "bf.hubby" to rely on to be there. Lame.

I confess...
the littlest thing that people say can completely ruin me. I went to revival last night, and was feeling good. A few ppl asked questions or said something that wasn't necessarily hurtful, but kinda made me feel bad in an unintentional way, and I cried all night because it reminded me how much I suck.

I confess...
I'm just not in a blogging mood. I debated whether or not I even wanted to finish this list. But I am. It's my outlet, mostly for frustration.

I confess...
when I feel like this, I don't really want to talk or see anyone. I want to go home, stay in bed, and watch movies by myself.

Lame confessions, but they are honest ones.

What are you confessing today?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kim K & #2

As I was flipping through my new issue of Cosmo yesterday, I stopped to read the article on Kim Kardashian, who also happens to be on the cover.
One of my favorite pieces is the little questionnaire thing they do called Cosmo Quiz. Anyway, one of her answers floored me. See the picture below. (I found the pic on

Really, Kim? You expect us to believe you have NEVER popped or passed gas? I mean is that even possible??? As if the whole Kardashian family didn't annoy me enough, she says this? Whatev, Kim. Whatev.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jodi Picoult

So I'm reading Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Acts. And while I'm not finished with it quite yet, I am driven to post on it today. A few observations...
  • Most of Jodi's books are quite long compared to most that I read. This one is 416 pages.
  • I love how she entertwines stories and characters and makes everything mesh.
  • However, every chapter is from a different character's viewpoint and sometimes it gets confusing.
  • I HATE how she provides a history lesson with each novel. This time it's about the history of Native Americans. Once it was about Alaskans. If I want to know about their history, I'll google it. I usually skip these parts.
  • I love how her books make you straddle the fence. There is a crime (usually) and while you'd think you would be completely against it, that gray area in the middle exists and makes you think. Not everything is black and white.
  • There's always some kind of court case. Were you a lawyer in a former life, Ms. Picoult?
  • This book tells you how to make meth. METH, people. I mean, yes, you can google that too, but why would it explain the whole process?!?!?! I'm a little disturbed by this.
  • Completely off the radar, but sometimes I am curious about how to make things. Like drugs or whatever. Curious, because I'm so ignorant when it comes to drugs. I don't want to make them, but just wonder how they are made. Anywho, I never google because what if someone finds out in some strange way and thinks I'm interested??? Can't have that happening. No sir-eee.
----Edit----- I finished the book, and it was great. Of course there were some surprises, but Ms. Jodi, you did not disappoint.

I've read several books by Picoult, and like pretty much all of them.  Have you read a Picoult? What do you think??

Who is your favorite author? What's your favorite book?

Please comment so that I can get some new ideas.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Present? For me?

I've been wanting a new, fancy schmancy camera. I have a Sony something or other point and shoot camera, and to be honest, every one I've owned sucks.

I've quietly looked around for a dslr, but just thought, I can't afford to pay that much for a camera... I mean, yes, I do take a lot of photos, but still....

So on good ole facebook today, a former student posts one he wants to sell. I inquire about the price, product, etc. He has a Nikon D3000 and all of the accessories for $500, $425 if I buy it today. He also said he'd bought it in January and paid about $700 for it and the goodies. I hee-haw around (do you say that where you are from?), and finally tell him I will take it.

He brings it over to my work, and I'm scared to death. How am I going to learn to work this thing? I just spent $425 on something I don't even know how to use!

Then I think...I take pictures all the time. I always complain about how crappy they are. And heck, let's be honest....I spend money left and right, so it's not like I'm a big tightwad.

I plan on taking some pics this week. We'll see how they turn out.

What do you think? Was it a good purchase? Any tips for a newbie photo taker (not quite a qhotographer yet, ya know)!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A collection of random musings...

Miscellany Monday? Ok!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
-->I was going to walk last night. I usually go about 8, after the sun is down and the termperature had dropped. I checked the weather, and it was still 86 degrees, 68% humidity, and "felt like" 90. I decided to weed the flower bed and then go. By the time I was finished with the weeds, I had sweat dripping off my nose. Gross. I showered instead of walked. FAIL!

-->2 young girls were saved at church this morning. AWESOME!!! I always cry when this happens because everyone is  so emotional. Then the memory of my Papa coming to me at church after the sermon and taking me to the alter popped into my mind. The floodgates opened. I miss him so much. He was the one that always took us to Sunday School and Bible School in the summer.  So glad that memory came back to me in that moment.

-->I bought a purse last night. It was brown. I have the exact same one in black, but I love it so much, I bought it in brown also. Is this ok???

-->I wish that sometimes people would think about how their words will impact others. Maybe you don't mean it that way, but sometimes it comes out that way. Think before speaking. Will what I'm saying come across in a different way? Just think about it.

-->Back to the's going to be upper 90's and high humidity this week. This girl can't take that!! I need my butt planted in the sand and the ocean waves tickling my toes. Ahhhh...that's the life.

-->Why do people get jealous? And why am I bothered by something that has nothing to do with me or someone I'm not even with????  Move on with your life, Mel! Stop thinking about HIM!

-->I woke up to the weirdest dream involving people I didn't even know. But I wanted it to continue. Weird, huh?

--> I stopped at two different places this morning to get those mini muffins for breakfast. Neither of the places had it. I bought Smores poptarts. Not what I wanted but it did it's job.

What's on your mind this sunny Monday morning?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Lists

It's been awhile since I've done this, and it's about time I got back into reminding myself of the things that make me happy!


#1- My dog.
 As I type this, she is snuggled against me, yawning. I love coming home to her, she is always waiting by the door, so happy to see me.

#2- My friends.
I get frustrated easily. Irritated. But you know what? No one is perfect. People are going to irritate you. It's because we are different. We think differently, have different personalities. No one gets along or sees eye to eye 100% of the time. But we have to take the good with the (not even really) bad. And I know they must feel the same about me. I'm glad I have them. (This is about friends in general, just to clarify!)
Love these gals!

#3- Scentsy Honey Pear Cider.
 My bedroom smells heavenly because of you. Yummm.

#4- A good book.
I've been reading Vanishing Acts  by  Jodi Picoult. It's so good. I love  being drawn into a good story.

#5- Winnie the Pooh. (and movies with my cousin).
 I often take my 7 year old cousin to the movies. Tomorrow is my pick-Winnie the Pooh, and luckily he agreed to go with me. It so much reminds me of being a child. Everytime I hear Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know," I think of Pooh. I can't wait to see it! I especially love hearing Pooh's voice. I seriously feel like I'm five again. Great memories.

What's making you happy this weekend?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Melanie confesses...


I confess...
that planning for my ten year reunion has started, it's all over facebook, and I'm ready to slit my wrists. We still have about a year, but the anxiety has begun.

Do I really want to see all of those people? I think my biggest fear is them seeing me. I'm NOT where I thought I would be. I always pictured a husband, some kiddos, and a fabulous teaching career. I have none of those. Will they look down on me?

I confess...
I'm determined to lose some of this weight I've packed on since graduation. It's seriously ridiculous. I'm 4 sizes bigger than I was then. I scanned some high school photos and felt sick just looking at how much skinnier and prettier I was then.

I confess...
I've felt super lonely lately. My friends have all been busy. My family didn't want to hang out with me. Then everyone acts surprised when I did something by myself. I don't want to just sit at home because I don't have a someone to do something with everytime I want to. So their surprise and comments made me feel worse about the situation.

I confess...
the weather has been unbearable this week. Last week I posted about walking, but I haven't at all this week. At 8pm, when I usually go, it's still be in the 80's. Miserable!

I confess...
I'm feeling discouraged because of the non-existent comments. I know some are reading and don't comment, but I feel like no one is reading if there are no responses. It's sad. Almost makes me want to quit blogging. Someone posted on formspring that you should visit other blogs and comment on them (thanks for the advice, btw), but I do that, and usually don't get responses to that, much less them visit my blog. Maybe it's because my confessions are always so blah! haha....

I confess...
this confession post has been so depressing. I'm sorry, y'all. I think I have post-pms syndrome. Just feeling a little blue-er this week compared to normal. But confessions are just those, right? Being honest??

What are you confessing today? Any advice for little old me?

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I was introduced to Formspring through Life as Jane Doe. She mentioned in one of her blogs that she was using this, I checked it out, and thought it seemed fun.

Head over using the link below and ask away.

And while you are at it, please vote to the right. I would appreciate it.

One Last Thing on Thursday

Remember I did this a few weeks ago? Well, I thought I would do it again.

Last song I listened to... Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. (Ya know the song that plays for the movie Winnie the Pooh????)

Last food I ate... birthday cake last night.

Last time I cried... last night on the way home from the birthday shindig.

Last person I hugged... my Mom.

Last movie I watched... Mr. and Mrs. Smith--Love Brad Pitt (clean version), but hate that he met that skank on this movie set and left good ole Jen for her nastiness.

And as before, if you would like to use these today, leave a comment with your link so I can check them out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Abe Lincoln

You know him, right? Our 16th president? Well he was born right up the road (about 45 minutes from me)! Mom and I went on a little shopping trip to a town about an hour away. We go there every few months and always pass by Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. I always mention it, and talk about the field trip we took in elementary school. The last time we drove by, I begged Mom to stop and wouldn't you was closed! So this time, as we see the sign ahead, Mom mentions it and we pull in. I was seriously excited! I don't know why, I'd seen it before....but I mean, cmon....he is a pretty big deal!

So we pull up, jump out of the car, and walk down the path to his cabin.

The cabin is in a stone building for protection.

I could not believe how small it was! I think my bedroom is bigger than that cabin is.

At the beginning of the steps is a cave opening. After walking down the steps, the temperature changed about 20 degrees cooler. It was a nice escape from the heat and humidity!

Next we went into Nancy Lincoln's store. There were all kinds of little cheesy trinkets and Lincoln memorabilia.

 Mom and I really liked the hats.

You can even rent "cabins" to stay overnight in. I think I'll pass.

Overall, the stop took about 20 minutes, but I loved seeing it again. You get a completely different perspective as an adult than as a 4th grader on a field trip with friends.

Do you have any neat places near you?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 I haven't really felt like blogging much lately. I think it's because everything I feel like writing is so negative and whiney. I've just been in a slump lately. BUT- I'm  not going to get into it. I don't wany my lovely readers to get overwhelmed with post after post of boo-hoos. Therefore, I'm going to leave you with this pretty print from pinterest (alliteration, anyone?)

Even if I don't have a clue what that reason is, I really do believe this.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot hot in here.

Catch the lyric? It's like I can find a song lyric to title my post each and every time!!

Do you see this? Heat index of 113. Good golly gracious....It is miserable in the state of Denmark Kentucky.

It's too hot to even open the door, much less to walk outside to do anything.
Let's hope this doesn't last long, and we get some cooler temps soon.

How is it where you are?
(And if it's cooler, do you need a house guest???)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Walk it out.

How many of you are rapping it out now?

I decided to get my butt up off the couch and get to walking. I'm tired of being the fat friend, so maybe this walking thing will help squash that. Hopefully?

I'm only on day 2, and I absolutely hate it while I'm doing it. I hate sweating. I hate feeling like I need an oxygen tank. I hate that burn in my chest. I hate that my legs feel like lead towards the end. I hate that I feel like I'm dying when I get home and collapse on the floor. And I really hate the dang blister that I got tonight.

I promise that's not an amputated leg. Just the back of my heel.
But ya know what? I like how I feel after. I feel like I've accomplished something. No, I'm no marathon runner; heck, I can't even run yet...I'm barely walking....but I doing something, which is better than nothing, right?

And after going through all of that "UGH", I don't want to waste it on that milkshake or cookies before bed. So it's kind of two-fold. Yay!

How do you motivate yourself?

Friday, July 8, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers, Shasta Anne, is giving away a product I would love love love to win.

Head on over to win [or don't so I have a better chance! ;)]

She's a maniac, a maniac.....

That's right, readers. I'm a shopping maniac! If I ever have a free time (or take a day off...whatever), I go shopping. The past two weeks have been good for me. Here's some of my loot. (I apologize for the crappy photos; my less than a year old camera sucks!!!)

 2 dresses and 2 sleeveless tops from JC Pennys.

3 purses- Vera Bradley hipster in Happy Snails, black Steve Madden, and a gray ruffle crossbody from Kohls. Purses are my weakness. :/

Here are some other random finds...

An owl bowl with owls inside too.  I'm on an owl kick still. And a hammered silver frame which will go in my room perfectly. Both from TJMaxx.

Also been blowing up ebay and my paypal account. I bought these two for cheap! Full House season 1 and my current favorite, Pretty Little Liars for half off of the store price! Go me!

There should be more items on their way to my mailbox, and I'll fill ya in when they arrive. More oldies!

What do you think of my purchases? Worth it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I gotta pocket full of sunshine....or I gotta mailbox full of goodies...same thing

So you know the cheery song about sunshine in your pockets? (Which reminds me of Easy A, and I've been singing it like that ever since....) Well imagine this girl singing that when I opened my mailbox yesterday afternoon. It was stuffed with bubbly envelopes....Yippeeeee!

What did I get, you might ask? Well here is the mother lode....

Some goodies from a giveaway at Dandelion Wishes. Thanks, Mamarazzi!! :)

An extra charger for my phone. Boring, yes. Much needed, YES!

Season 4 to add to my collection! Whoop!

My favorite of the goodies. This is a 5 flower cluster pin from No Plain Ts. It's adorable! And the best part is that her things are affordable! I can't wait to add this to a shirt and make it pop.

No junk mail today!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Complete randomness

After being on a 3 day weekend, I am worthless today. Completely worthless.

First, I couldn't wake up.

Next, I didn't feel like breakfast this morning and am STARVING. Only 3.5 more hours until lunch.....

And I'm not exactly pissy, but people seriously annoy the shiz-nit out of me. More on that another day.

 And do you ever have something on your mind that you think about constantly? (For instance....a particular cute boy that you can't stop thinking about?????) Yeah. All weekend long my thoughts have been about nothing but him. I need something (or someone) to take my mind off of him.

As for entertaining and blog-worthy? I have nothing.

The weekend was good...blah blah blah.

Maybe something better later. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Happy Monday Tuesday to ya!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Friday is confession time at Mamarazzi's blog. Link up and confess your little heart out.


I confess that shopping is like therapy for me. Yes, I know most women say that, but it really does make me feel better. If I find some good deals, it's like a drug. I found an awesome Steve Madden purse at TJ Maxx Wed night, and have been giddy about it ever since.

I confess that I have no official 4th of July plans. I feel like a l-o-s-e-r.

I confess that I could eat an entire order of Mozzarella fondue from Olive Garden. So good.

I confess that I absolutely LOVE going out with my girls. We don't get wild and crazy, but we get silly and have the best time.

I confess that I had some totally messed up dreams last night, and just thinking about them makes me shudder. Gross!

I confess that I am beyond ecstatic that it's Friday AND a 3 day weekend. Halle-freakin-lujah!!!!

What are you confessing? Tell me.

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