Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner.......

So, I've decided on a name. I know some weren't thrilled with this idea, but I kept going back to it, and it just felt right.
So, readers, from now on, this little blog will be known as......
 Sarcasm & Curls.
You knew that was going to be it, right?
The URL will change Friday morning and will be Write it down! Mark it as a fave. Just please return!!
There will be a new look soon, with new buttons. I would feel honored if you used them!
Thanks to all of my bloggy friends that emailed, commented, and voted to help me come up with a new, permanent name. It was a big ordeal, and I'm so glad you all took the time to help with this little undertaking.  The ideas you came up with were awesome, and I had such a hard time deciding.

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