Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let it out

This could possibly be my most favorite link up ever. Why? Because it's all about bitching, and let's face it...I'm awesome at that! :) Visit Aly's site and bitch away!
Mia- My little pupcake...Please stop going to potty 5 times a night. Momma needs her beauty sleep. Also, you have 10 toys on the bed, if one falls off, play with another! Don't bark until I pick up the toy.

Friend #1- You aren't really my #1 friend, but anywho.... The world does not revolve around you. Please stop talking about your perfect child and everything else going on in your life. Here's a thought, ask about what's going on in our life. Maybe you didn't know about something BIG because you never ask about me!

Tuesday Car Man- You annoy the shit out of me. Stop asking what I'm reading. You know that thing I mentioned about "personal space" last week? Learn it. Those jokes you tell, they aren't funny. You said you should be a stand up comedian? You lie!!!!!!! You aren't funny. Even your voice annoys me. Your breathing annoys me because it is so loud and awkward.

Neighbor- I have a dog. She doesn't go out on a leash, but she stays in my yard. You have a fenced in back yard. So please tell me why the hell you let your annoying dog out in the front yard so that it comes to my house, shits in MY yard, and gets my dog wound up. Keep it in the back, people!

Teenagers- Stop getting pregnant. Use birth control or condoms, or HEY, how about both? Also, it isn't necessary for you to get engaged and married a week after you graduate high school. Disclaimer- I know it happens. Maybe you did it. And if it worked for you, that's great! But honestly, how many people that get married in their teens make it? How hard was it for you to have a baby that young?  It's just easier and smarter if you wait, K?

Receptionist at doctors office- Why do you need to know about my employment? I gave you my phone number. I told you I'm paying for the visit. Stop asking a billion questions about it. Do you really need that info to take a look at my eyes? Nope, didn't think so.

Thank you, Aly, for creating and hosting this awesome topic. I honestly feel like less of a bitch since I have a reason to ...bitch. And ahhhh, it sure does feel good to get all of that out!

Do you readers have anything to bitch about? Let it out! I like the comments and it feels goooood!

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  1. I love Aly, don't you? She's so cute.

    I totally have a friend like your fake friend #1. She NEVER asks about me or what I'm doing. The conversations revolve around her. It's so annoying.

    Who is Tuesday Car Man? Do you have a personal driver? He sounds like an idiot.

    What a douche-bag neighbor!

    I love the new name you picked out! I've been kinda not around lately. I'm trying to be better! I promise!


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