Saturday, June 25, 2011

Everybodyyyy Backstreet's Back, Alright!

So Tuesday was one of the most fun nights ever. My friend, Meg, and I drove down to good ole Nashvegas to see our childhood crushes, New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys. Meg swears she doesn't remember New Kids, and I was only in kindergarten when they were big, so many of the songs I didn't remember. I did have the dolls and sleeping bag. They were dreamy back then.  However, we were both big BSB fans, and seeing Brian again just melted my youthful heart. And can we say Nick Carter?!? I don't remember him being so dang hott! Anywho- back to the rundown....

We had some time to kill before the concert. (My rule is to always be early instead of on-time. You just never know what could happen....) So we did what anyone would do, picked up some awesome bling for our heads. I wish I had bought that cool hat!

Not drunk, just loony. And Meg, we aren't in Detroit.
It's the COUNTRY music capital!
Jordin Sparks opened for them, and I would totally go see her in a concert too. She was really good.

For the most part, we had good seats. We were on the lower level and could see well. But you can't really tell in the pictures. It looks like we were a million miles away.

The group came out together, and then until the very end, they would do a song or two of their own and then switch. There was a lot of pelvis gyrating and shirts coming off, which I thoroughly enjoyed!!!

At one point, Jordan from New Kids came to the edge of our section. Soon after, BSB came down from our section to go to the stage. I was sooo close to touching Howie (eh...I could leave him) and AJ. I die. haha.

Howie D.

I think part of the biggest entertainment was people watching. There were old people, way more men than I honestly expected (both gay and straight), and the clothing was a riot. I totally understood the 90's attire; I thought it was clever! But ladies had gone out and bought matching tops, shorts, and shoes for the occasion. I saw some super cute bridesmaid dresses, but to wear at a concert? Really? And I think I saw more skin than if I were at the beach. Some people.... I wanted to take pictures of the trainwrecks, but didn't want to get a beat down, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Yes, I paid money to watch old boy bands. Yes, they were just as cheesy as they were in the 90's and 2000, respectively, and yes, they wore costumes that were embarrassing....but Meg and I had a ball and I would do it all over again...(except driving to every gas station to find an open one and getting pulled over for speeding...) but besides that, I would so do it again! :)

Would you have gone to see NKOTBSB?

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I just died of jealousy. Seriously. I'm too young to be very familiar with NKOTB, but I grew up listening to BSB. My sister and I recently blew and entire day watching BSB videos on youtube and reminiscing. Good stuff.

    I'm so jealous you got to see them!!


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