Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Good morning, lovelies. I saw this on a blog I follow a few weeks ago, and saved it for a rainy day when I had nothing (i.e. today!) I apologize to the blogger, I would link back to you if I could remember who it was. :/ Oops.

{Current Book}
Not Afraid Of Life  by Briston Palin

{Current Playlist}
I just downloaded some stuff last night. Most of it's been around,
 I just haven't dl'd in quite some time. Here's the list.

Dirt Road Anthem--Jason Aldean
Just a Kiss--Lady A
Jar of Hearts--Christina Perry
Price Tag--Jessie J
The Edge of Glory--Lady Gaga
Last Friday night--Katy Perry
Somewhere Only We Know--Keane (My favorite right now! Winnie the Pooh, anyone?)

{Current Color}
Teal, turquoise, aqua...ya know...all of the fun blue shades

{Current Drink}
Tropical Punch Kool-ade
(Remember Tracy? Koolade hair?)

{Current Food}
Fudge Round
Breakfast of champions, right there
{Current Favorite Show}
Pretty Little Liars
(Show is tonight on ABC Family at 7cst.)

{Current Wishlist}
There are so many....
Tory Burch flats
 some of my favorite tv shows on dvd
 some nude heels I can actually walk in.

{Current Need}
A job

{Current Triumph}
Not sure if I have one. Sad, huh?

{Current Bane of My Existence}
Humidity! Seriously, it's like a sauna outside.

{Current Celeb Crush}
So many....

Mark Wahlberg

Cam Gigandet
Ryan Gosling

{Current #1 Blessing}
My health and my family

{Current Indulgence}
Did you see what I had for breakfast??

{Current Outfit}
Dark jeans, brown scoop neck tee, big necklace, teal flip flops

{Current Excitement}
3 day weekends excite me.

{Current Mood}
Blah. I tend to focus on negative things and let them bring me down. Like in the job situation. People that don't have time for you.

What are your currents?
Comment with a link to your current list; I would love to see it. :)

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