Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If any of you are from around southcentral KY, you know that Chris Allen, our local, cooky, weather guy has a name for everyday of the week. Tuesday= Little Twoooooosday.

I don't know why I just posted that. Strange.

My long weekend was low-key and good. Friday and Saturday was spent with the sister. Her husband works out of town during the week, and sometimes they get called to a job on the weekends. As much as she hates it, and I hate it for her, this is the only time we get to hang out. I love hanging out with my little sis, and had such a good time with her this weekend.

One of my favorite stops on Saturday was a new frozen yogurt shop, called Sweet CeCe's that I had yet to try. I was a little iffy because I'm usually not a fan of the fro-yo. I walked in and was just giddy with all of the options. I paid, dipped the spoon in the bowl, and tasted it. It was delicious! I couldn't help but tell everyone how yummy it was. I will definitely be back!

Vanilla fro-yo with blueberries, strawberries, and kiwi. Yummo!

Sunday was a family cookout for my dad, whose birthday is actually today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROGER! I always let my insecurities get the best of me when I'm around a big group, and ended up feeling horrible about myself. No one said anything or 'made' me feel bad. I realize (later) that I'm the one that makes myself insecure and embarrassed. Shame on me. All in all, the gathering was good. I just let my emotions get the best of me. And that is embarrassing.

However, it was good to see this little nugget. He is the sweetest thing ever and just makes me smile.

Just look at those eyes. Preciousness.
Yesterday, I slept in until like noon. It was ahhmazing. I was in my pj's until a little after two, and decided to hang out with one of my best friends. While picking up a frame about 40 minutes away (long story), we decided to get the gang together for a little cookout session. Fun times, of course. One of my favorite things about summer is grilling out with friends, and the fruits and veggies. I made bought some things for a strawberry shortcake. They were delish!

Whitney with her "double decker shortcake."

I got to work this morning, and was happily surprised to find out it was Tuesday and not Monday! Whoo-hoo to a short work week!

How was your weekend?

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