Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I really should title all my Monday posts "What I bought this past weekend," because honestly, it seems as if I share what I've bought every single Monday. Maybe it's time that I set up a budget for spending. ::sigh::

Ok, so this weekend was jam packed full of goodness. I was running pretty much the whole weekend, and don't feel like I got a "weekend," which equals rest in my eyes normally. However, it was a great one, and I can't complain! Warning--this is a long post (I told you I was busy), but it has pictures, so please keep reading!!

I hadn't seen mah frand (said with a semi-french, semi-country accent), Meg, in over a week. She had been on vacation, and I hate to admit that I missed her and the little nugget that we sometimes call Addison. So, after work, I headed to see the gals. We had dinner, watched some tv, and caught up. Pretty laid back, but I was glad to see the babe (my slang on baby), Addison. She's a cutie!

I finally got to sleep in...some. My little pup, Caramia, thought it would be fun to go potty four different times that morning and bark non-stop. Anywho- I got up, ran some errands, and got ready for girls night. Meg and I ran around BG, dropping some clothes and shoes off at a consignment store, picking up some smelly goodness (car scents at Yankee and some awesome summer soaps at Bath&Body). We were finished early, so we headed to a favorite, Cheddars, to meet the gals. Again, we were early, so we ordered a fruity drink and enjoyed the bartender. He reminded me of the guys at Dick's Last Resort....ya know, because they act like D-bags. So funny!

The girls arrived, when they were supposed to...haha, so we ordered more fruity yummy drinks and food, and had a good ole time.
My bast frand, Whitney, and myself.

My bast frands, Meg and Katie.

We had some time to kill before the movie, so we did some browsing at the Tar-jay. Colorful scarves were on sale for a measly $3.24, so I did what any bargain hunter would do and one in each solid color (teal, olive, and gray). I also bought my Summer Swap Partner some goodies.

Having some fun in the dollar bins.
Finally, it was time (that sounds a little morbid, doesn't it?), and we headed to the theater.
Bridesmaids was on, and we thought it appropriate to see it all together since we are the gang.

Go see it. You will die. Fo Reals!

{Sunday Funday}
So, my friends, The Shirleys, were heading to Louisville. He Shirley was going to be golfing, and She Shirley was going to just be. So, I trailed along to join in and keep her company. Another day of shopping? Why, sure! Do I ever decline a trip? We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (and drank the BEST drink was a typhoon punch), shopped at Mall @ St. Matthews, Kohls, and of course, Target, and found some goodies....

Nicole by Nicole Miller clutch
I've been trying to get this clutch for months. Always sold out online. FINALLY found it at the best Penney's store in KY. I also found some earrings and a bracelet that are darling.
Daisy Fuentes earrings.
Perfect for summer.

Dana Buchman braided bracelet.

I bought another GLEE cd (can I get a whoo hoo?...Vicki Gunvalson style?) and another $3.24 scarf in mustard. Also a cuh-ute top. Score! Why are stores so much better elsewhere than at home? Please answer that!

I hate to admit that after a 2 1/2 week absence of sodas (regular and diet), I broke down and had a Coke. It was the best coke I've ever had. Delish. I'm a little disappointed with myself for doing it.

This is where the randomness begins.

Anyone else exhausted this morning? Seriously....where did the weekend go?

I saw more photos and news of the devastation in Joplin, MO. Prayers to those effected by the storm damage. So sad.

The end of the world, as everyone knows, was supposed to happen on Saturday. They were discussing this on The View this morning and Sherri was explaining how no one knows when it will be. Joy, who gets on my last nerve....was arguing about different religious things. For her to preach about being open minded, she sure isn't.

Freak Lady Gaga is on The View this morning. I'm all about people being themselves....but really. She is just too much. All of this craziness is for attention. She lives in her own little world, and so far, everyone is letting her.  I'm just not a fan. But she's being herself. I'm just torn. I don't know.
On The View

I've hit not only 50, but 51 fabulous followers!! There will be a giveaway this week, so please stay tuned! Thank you, readers!

I came to work to this piece of work this morning. Thanks, Mom. You are SO funny! :/ Haha.
It says "Mel's Dunce Hat."
Ok, so I think I've rambled, and rambled, and rambled enough for one post. How was your weekend? What should I do for my giveaway? Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!!


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