Friday, May 6, 2011

I confess...

You know the drill. Just do it.

I confess that I'm a little sad that my number of link ups yesterday has dropped. What happened? :( (this is me pouting.)

I confess  that I recant last weeks statement about skinny jeans. Yes, they are in style. Yes, some people look uber cute in them. I said that because where I'm from, many people wear them the complete wrong way. I hate seeing them that way. Kudos to those that know how to wear them. Keep on!
I confess that I've been a little bummed when it comes to friends this week. You know how you have friends that are there all the time,  some friends that you like hanging out with just occasionally, and then the friends that you party with, but you can't trust. I don't know if I should just stick to my few good friends, or keep them all and know that they will disappoint me or make me feel like crap. I just don't know. Do you have just one group or several different ones?

I confess that my head aches this morning, and I want nothing more than to run home, put on my pjs, and crawl back into bed and sleep for hours. Please?

I confess that I did not have a soda yesterday. Nope, not even diet (which I usually drink). I'm going to see if I can kick that habit. Apparently, diet makes you hungry and we know I don't need help in that arena. Sooo....maybe no sodas will lead to some weight loss. And if anyone dares to comment that exercise will lead to weight loss, I just may hunt you down and cut you.

I confess  that these confessions seem totally depressing and whiney, but they are my confessions, and these are the things on my mind today. So....there.

I confess that I have no, none, zip, nada, zero plans for tonight and tomorrow. Does that mean I'm lame? Don't answer that.

So now that I've depressed everyone with my confessions, what do you have on your mind that you want to confess? Comment and let me know.

Edit-----> I'm in a great mood. The sun is semi-shining and all is well. We all have those moments, right? Ok, then! Have a great weekend, ya'll!


  1. I linked up yesterday!
    Your confessions sounds alot like what I would have (or could) confessed yesterday... it was not a good day!
    Hope the weekend cheers you up!


  2. They weren't ALL depressing - the soda one was awesome! I'm trying to do just that, too. It's SO not easy. So kudos to YOU! :)

    I linked up yesterday, and i will in the future. :)

  3. I used to drink like 3-4 regular sodas a day, when I kicked that habit the weight shed off pretty quick. As for no plans, I know I'm old when I look forward to going home on a Friday, getting in my pj's with a few glasses of wine and some silly movies! LOL

  4. I would love to go home and spend the day in bed, but I know if I went home, I'd feel guilty and clean house, do laundry and stuff like that instead of sleeping.

  5. I think PJs and bed sounds awesome. May I go too, please?

    And good for you for quitting soda. I'm trying, but that's a hard one for me!

  6. I'd LOVE to be home and in my jammy jams right now! Playing some Sims, yes ma'am.

    Oh and I have ZERO plans for the weekend - you know what I'm going to do? Sit in my jammy jams and play Sims. Now THAT is lame!

    I had a friend tell me that diet soda preserves your fat cells (because I drank Diet Coke like it was my job) so I'm sure cutting back will allow for some loss!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey now, having no plans can be incredibly relaxing.

    :D Have a great weekend!

  8. Here for the confessions-

    I'm trying to do the soda thing too- day 4 now (one tiny sip slip up cuz my kid left one on my desk and I picked it up out of habit).

    Two of my girls and a handful of people can do skinny jeans. The girls are 0 and 00 in size. On pretty much anyone else- not so much.

    The friends thing- friends love you no matter what- don't let anyone else rise above acquaintance. Most especially don't give them the power to make you feel bad about yourself (I'm old- I can say these things from experience.) ;-)

    I think it's something most people struggle with, then you do come to realize you and your time are more valuable and just let yourself be. It's very liberating.

    I Love PJ days- hope your headache goes away.

  9. Sorry I wasn't really feeling favorite song. I know that makes me a bad bloggy friend. I do however have a post ready for next week! Like already scheduled and everything! Hope your weekend goes great!

  10. Does diet soda really make you hungry??? Who knew!! I've been living off it for Weight Watchers but maybe I need to stop! Let me know if you need help hunting down people even whispering the word exercise ;) I'm just soooo over it and unmotivated!!


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