Thursday, May 5, 2011

Favorite Things Thursday: Current Song

Many of you couldn't think of JUST one thing last week, and that's ok! If you want to put more than just one, go for it. I may too. :)
Please leave a comment after you link-up.

 Your favorite current song.

E.T. by Katy Perry feat. Kanye West

It's such a fun song and it has an awesome beat.

Honorable Mentions:
Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert
Rolling in the Deep by Adele
The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
What is your favorite song on the radio right now? Link up, leave a comment, and share it!


  1. Great song, but what a weird video! Sometimes I think the video ruins the songs for me! LOL....I'm gonna link up!

  2. My sister ruined Katy Perry for me, she told me to watch her sing live, which I did when she sang that "Firework" song...and ever since, I have not liked her! LOL

    PS: Linking!

  3. I really enjoy Fave Things Thursday - thanks for doing this. :)

    I actually adore Katy Perry. Never heard this one, but all of her others, I adore. I rarely listen to regular radio, just because of all the inappropriate words and messages in other songs, so we listen to a lot of Christian radio, so when I am in the car by myself, I do indulge in a little Katy Perry & Bruno Mars. :)

  4. I love your favorite things thursday. I love that song too. I am linking up.

  5. She is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. Like Justin Timberlake. You love them, but you aren't sure you want to admit it.

  6. Such a fun song!

    I've had this up all day but for got to link up, thanks for hosting!

  7. OOOOOO...that's a good one! I love that song too. I hope they don't start overplaying it. I hate when the radio does that. I like most of Katy's songs.

    I need to remember to link up next week. I've been a little absent from blogger this week. =(


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