Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whoo-hoo for Happy Lists!

Head over to Mamarazzi's blog and link up. It's fun to post what makes you happy.


Just finished this book Thursday night. It made me happy. Great book!

I ate here with my best friend one night this week. It didn't let me down; it was delish!
Is there one where you live? 

I love Welch's grape soda.... so much I could drink it daily; I rarely buy it because of this.

Chapstick makes me happy. It's an odd habit, but I have to have it every half hour or so. I have one in my desk, car, purse, living room, nightstand, lie.

Since it is officially spring, I keep seeing tulips in blogs and on the internet. I am dying to have some sent to me buy some from the store to make my house more cheerful. I just love em.

This sight makes me happy; sun shining on a warm day. I haven't seen it in quite awhile, but I'm hoping since I posted it, it may show up again. Please?!

What's on your happy list?


  1. I love craker barrel, haven't been in years! Love your happy list!

  2. We have some things in common. I love me some Cracker Barrel and TULIPS are my fav flower!! Great happy list!!

  3. Flowers make me happy too! I swear, in just the last few days, we've had more pop up and bloom. It smells sooo good outside now!

  4. The town I use to live in had a Cracker Barrel. I miss it. Home cookin!
    I love a ice cold bottle of Stawberry soda out of a bottle. Yum!
    Finishing books makes me so happy!

  5. Love your Happy list:)I'm your newest follower.
    Check my blog out...

  6. Ah, water for elephants is on my list of books to read. I especially want to read it before the movie comes out!

    I hadn't heard of cracker barrel until I went back east with my husband a few years ago. He laughed at me when I kept accidently calling it "cracker bucket"

  7. woot! got to give it up to cracker barrel!!!


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