Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is wrong with our world?

I realize this is my second post of the day, but my heart is feeling heavy. After reading a news site, and seeing more horrible, heart-breaking stories, I just had to post and get this off my chest. I warn you that it may be lengthy, but please read on.

I'll begin with the one closest to home. I don't think this has been on national news, but it has rocked our community to its core. It's the story of Jamie Stice. She was a 20 year old pregnant young lady. She didn't have an easy life, from what I can tell, but she had just graduated high school and was excited to become a mom to her baby, Isaiah. A 33 year old, Cox, befriended Stice on facebook and picked her up last week to help her buy baby clothes. Stice never returned.

Cox took the baby to the local hospital saying she'd just given birth to the baby. Doctors became suspicious when Cox had no evidence of giving birth to a child. The baby also had the umbilical cord still attached with the uteres and placenta attached. After questioning, Cox led investigators to a community about 15 minutes from my  home to find the body of Stice. She had been stunned with a stun gun, her throat and wrists slit, and the baby had been cut out of her belly.

Police later found out that Cox had asked her 13 year old if he/she would help with a kidnapping. After the child said no, the mom played it off as a joke. Cox also asked the 15 year old if they would help with a murder. Again, it was played off as a joke after the child's answer was no. Cox had been telling family and friends that she was pregnant with a child.

I'm sure this reads like a piece of fiction, but I promise you it is real and occurred only 30 minutes away from my  home. You can read more details here.

I've seen other stories this week of kidnappings and murders. Last week, a nursing student went missing in Tennessee. Her brother saw her being led into the woods across from their house by a man he thought was her boyfriend. She is still missing.

Earlier this week it was reported that two 8th graders from Minnesota committed double suicide at a slumber party. They had been bullied at school, and they decided to hang themselves at their sleepover one night. They left notes for the parents explaining they couldn't handle the bullying anymore. Story found here.

And just today, it was reported that a 15 year old in Florida was lured into a  home by fellow students and an ex-girlfriend. Upon entering the home, other teens beat him in the head, shot him to death, then burned him in a fire outside the home. Story found here.

My family suffered a tragedy just last year. I know just how hard it is to be thrown in the middle of a nightmare.

I am dumbfounded by the amount of horrific crimes that are occurring around the nation. Maybe I'm just young and don't remember paying attention to the news, but it just seems like more and more evil things are happening. Where is the common sense and consciences of these individuals that have no compassion for other's lives. It breaks my heart. It confuses me beyond belief. What are these people thinking? I pray for the lives that have been lost. I pray for the families that are grieving. I pray for our nation and mankind.

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  1. ohmygod... I hadn't heard about any of these stories... wow whatthehell kind of world do we live in nowadays?! I'm stunned.


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