Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Want to Know Wednesday

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Before I begin, does anyone have problems with Picasa? I find that when uploading pictures to my blog, saving them to picasa first is quickest. But it freezes so often, it's a headache. How do you do it?
Now on to the fun stuff! (minus some pictures due to above issues.)
This is my first time linking up with We Want to Know with Seriously Shawn, Mamarazzi, Janette and Impulsive Addict.

{1} What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Are you an eyes or a smile person? Maybe another body part? The first thing I notice is what they are wearing. I do this with everyone! I also notice their smile/teeth, but the eyes usually draw me in. My favorite part though? Shoulders. Muscular shoulders.....

{2} If a movie was being made about you who would you like to see cast to play you? And would your movie be a comedy, drama, romantic-comedy, action film or a horror movie? This is a good question! Who would play me? I would like to say someone fabulous, but c'mon...I look nothing l ike anyone out there! It would be fun for someone like Kate Beckinsale or Mila Kunis to play me, but in reality, I'm probably more like the large chick from Hairspray.  My movie would probably be a comedy, because frankly, I think I'm funny. Or I have funny moments, at least. In all honesty, it would probably be a drama.

{3} Does your high school yearbook include a senior comment section? If so share what you said about your future goals. Have you met those goals? If you do not have a yearbook just share what your goals where when you were 18 and if you have met them. If you’re brave enough include your Senior Picture! I remember putting on my paper that I wanted to go to a university and major in business. I did go to WKU, but became an English major. I thought for sure that I would be married with kids before I was 22. Fail. I'm in my late twenties, not married, and can't even think of kids right now. Doesn't life surprise you! I heard the quote "You plan, God laughs." So true!

{4} What latest trend simply baffles you? Skinny jeans. Especially with flip flops, tennis/athletic shoes/anything other than boots. They are not flattering, and look skanky on most people. You basically have to be a size 2 and 6 foot tall to pull them off, IF paired with the right thing. (No one around here knows how to wear them.)

{5} When you walk into a room how do you present yourself? Do you walk in with confidence and command the attention of others or do you slink in and do your best to go unnoticed? I walk in hoping to go unnoticed. I hate that moment when you walk in and everyone is staring. Hate it.


  1. First, I love your header and that little fur-baby is too cute!

    A strong set of shoulders, yes, very nice!

    Stop it- "the large chick from Hairspray". Stop it!

    That is very true, God laughed at me too. His plans and my plans were very different, I like His much better, they have turned out to be the best blessings I have ever received!

    Skanky? Tell us how you really feel!

    I don;t like to be stared at but I do like to be noticed, there's a difference!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. A lot of people are complaining about the skinny jeans. Surprises me because they seem awfully popular! Good answers and happy Wednesday.

  3. The whole flip flop phenomenon baffles me. Flip flops look so sloppy--oh there are cute ones out there, but the ones I see on the college campus where I work are just nasty.

  4. Glad i don't own a pair of skinny jeans! PHEW........and seriously is there anyone more beautiful than Kate Beckinsale?? I have a total girl crush on her.

  5. Smile for sure! That is a big one. Eyes too, yep, both on my list. Shoulders though, I didn't even think of that - so true!

    Ehhh I don't look like anyone either. I totally opted for the smart ass aspect before the looks. LOL. I think both the gals you chose could totally work it out for you!

    I thought the same thing about being married & having kids by 22... I finally got married at 26 1/2 & then bam bam bam kiddos at 28, 30 & 31... boy did life just flip a U-ie on me : )

    Skinny Jeans are just all sorts of wrong... maybe just cuz I could never pull them off... along with damn near the rest of the population!

    Uggghhh I hate to be starred at. Noticed is fine, but definitely not starred at!

  6. Oh crap I forgot to say how cute your picture is! You kind of look like Melina Kanakaredes. Google her, she is gorgeous, lucky!

  7. I love your answers! And its interesting to me that NO ONE seems to like leggings or skinny keans... so why are they SO DARN POPULAR? Awesome answers. Thanks for joining the party!


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