Friday, April 29, 2011

These are my confessions

It's one of my favorite link-ups. Check, check, check it out. Baby, baby, baby, baby....(catch the tune in there? What's it from?)
I confess that I was SO happy with the number of people that linked up yesterday. I was so afraid it would be a colossal flop, and I would feel like a failure. Thanks for supporting me, blog friends!

I confess that when I leave a comment on someone's post, I feel bad when they don't email me back. Yes, maybe they are super busy or had a million comments to read through, but I took time out of my day to post. Please acknowledge it. Especially if this person (i.e. ME) leaves a comment on more than just one post.

I confess that sometimes I cry at night because I feel like I have no purpose. Why am I here? I pray constantly for God to enlighten me or give me a purpose.

 I confess that I crush on celebrities. Whomever is the last one I've been exposed to (whether it's on a ballgame, movie, tv show, or song), is the one I crush on for that time until I'm exposed to another one. For example, Justin Timberlake was on Ellen yesterday, so I'm finding him super duper hot, funny, handsome,  witty, hot at the moment. It's like they are on rotation in my heart or something.

That's all. What are you confessing today?


  1. I feel the same way about comments! You're not alone. :) I'm a new follower and I love your blog! It's precious!

  2. JT is super hot. I think it is part eyes, a good dose of smile, and a crap load of self confidence. I hate when people don't comment back...I always feel bad to so you are definitely not alone there!

  3. I try to respond to comments--I'm getting better, but I will at least go comment on the commenter's post. And if I have nothing to say, I stay quiet. I think it's awful to get the generic "great post!" comments. Did the person actually read the post or not. Ugh, it gets so complicated sometimes.

  4. A lot of people did link up! I was excited for you! It is a great idea! And I love some comment love as well! boo for no comment losers! ..that's why I became LDS..LOL I know why I'm here and where I'm going! :)
    JT IS SUPER TALENTED GORGEOUS HOTNESS woo...he's single ya know...aren't you single?? Just sayin

  5. I'm glad your first linky was a success, I'm getting ready to schedule mine for next week now.

    Comments are great, we all love to watch that number change, and receiving and or giving an email in return is equally as nice.

    I think everyone struggles from time to time with knowing exactly what their purpose in life is.

    I have almost zero interest in celebrities and what they do with their life. I think I may be in the minority on that one. Maybe it's because I know I would hate living in a fish bowl like they are forced to. IDK. But you were talking about crushes....I lost focus!


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