Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retail Therapy

Can I just say, I don't think I have ever shopped more in one day than I did yesterday! I mentioned on Friday that it had been a rough week, and I needed some retail therapy to cheer me up. That it did. I picked up Whitney at 8:30, then Meg at 9, and we were off to Lebanon to go to the Premium Outlets. They have the best Gap Outlet ever. Seriously.
2 cardigans, 2 jeans, red flip flops, white flip flops, and my all time favorite wedges ever!

Also found this cute top at Eddie Bauer.
Loved it so much, I wore it today...with my new jeans and white flip flops.

After a few hours there, we drove 40 minutes to the Mall at Green Hills. After a right turn instead of a left, thanks to another wrong Mapquest direction, we finally ended up at the mall.

Time for some Cheesecake Factory! (My first trip everrrr!)
Chilly, rainy, and humid day. Apologies for the horrid hair day!

Whit and Meg

It was delicious! Everything was, but especially the cheesecake!

Godiva chocolate cheesecake. And yes, that is milk. I have to have milk when I eat rich chocolate stuff!
Meg's Dutch Apple Cheesecake

Whitney's Red Velvet Cheesecake

Then we got our shop on. Again. This mall is a little above my price range (basically I was done after my luck at the Gap.) However, I insisted on going in Sephora to get this. I've been without it for about 6 months and have missed it so much! It's my absolute favorite ever!

Philosophy's Unconditional Love

After a few hours at this mall, we drove about 15 minutes to Rivergate, then to a few shops around that area.
Owl mug from Pier 1. I have a sudden love for all things owl, so I had to get this!
Back scrubber thingy from Pier 1. Cute, huh?

I love a soft crew neck sweatshirt for chilly nights.

Finally, after over 10 hours of shopping, 3 malls, several u-turns and other various shops, we were homeward bound! Needless to say, I was exhausted! I had such a great day! :)

After visiting Meg and Kyle's church this morning, we made a quick trip to BG to return some things. I made a pit stop at Kohls and got these shoes.

How cute will they look with a tan and shorts this summer? Love.

 I also grabbed some headgear for Lou-Lou, my front porch dog (who used to be Ralphie, but decided she was a girl). She has to be accessorized for the holidays.

Addison trying on the ears.

Lou-Lou with her new ears!
And finally, I grabbed this rug to go with the green chairs I bought a few weeks ago.
Rug from Kirklands

Ignore the neighbors house in the background, but aren't the chairs and rug cute?

What do you think of my 'therapy' purchases? I love every single one!
How was your weekend?

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  1. You did do some shopping! I love going to the Gap Outlet in Lebanon. I go frequently. First time at The Cheesecake Factory!?! It's about time you got a taste of that stuff. That place changes lives. The Godiva chocolate cheesecake is my favorite! That's what I always get. Mmm. Now you've got me wanting to head down to Greenhills.


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