Friday, April 8, 2011

I confess...

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I confess that I'm tired of listening to people give advice when I don't ask them for it. From now on, I should just tell them, right?

I confess that lately when I get irritated, I yell out "motherf...." but I say the whole word. I have a potty mouth. I apologize.

I confess that I have road rage. I'm always in a hurry, hate when people pull out in front of me or don't use their signal like they should. I blow my horn all the time, and if you are going slow and I can't go around, I will probably cuss you.

I confess that I cried a little when Pia was let go. The montage at the end always gets me.

I confess that was not the first, or even second, time I've cried this season. I cried when Karen was let go, and the story at the beginning of the guy whose girlfriend was featured.

I confess that  I may be a cry baby. I just consider it being a softy, emotional, get my drift!

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  1. I cried too!!!! I think Pia is one of the best in the competition.


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