Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy lists are good for the soul.

Link up with the Mamarazzi to post your happy list. It's fun and good for the soul. (wow...that was deep.)


Item #1- Girls nights

Picture from last summer with the gang; Meg, me, Katie, Whitney.
Last night was girls night. We started out with dinner. Then pedicures. A little more hanging out here and there. Lot's of gossip and talking. I think we annoyed everyone in the nail salon. Oh well, we have fun conversations so I'm going to consider it free entertainment for them. :)

Item #2- WFE today!

I mean, if you haven't noticed from some other blog posts, even yesterdays, I'm super, crazy, mad, totally excited to see this movie. RPatt is just dreamy, and I can't wait to see him with my girl, Reese. So, I made plans to see this with a friend. 12:45. You can't get here soon enough!

Item #3- Curtains
I ordered some curtains a few days ago for my bedroom. You may remember that I'm redecorating it. It's taken me a few weeks to get everything together, and I still don't have everything ready. I will definitely post pics when it's finished though. Anywho- after looking at every single curtain section in every single store I went to, and perusing the internet for hours on end, I finally found some curtains I love. I just have to get those wrinkles out (huge pet peeve for things that are wrinkly) and hang those babies!

Item #4- Easter

Easter is tomorrow and it just warms my heart to see so many people posting on their blogs about the true meaning of Easter. Yes, bunnies and candy are fun, but if it weren't for Jesus dying for our sins and His resurrection, we would not have the life we do...or our afterlife in Heaven. Praise Him and remember this day for what it truly represents!

What are you happy for this weekend? Let me know!


  1. your girl's night sounds like it was a lot of fun!!

    Happy Easter!!

  2. I love your happy list!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Girl's night is great!
    Happy Easter!


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