Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy List

I love the weekend Happy List link up over at Mamarazzi's site. It just makes me....happy! :)


Item #1: Gondolier

This restaurant recently opened in my town, and oh my golly, it is delicious! The first night I went, Tuesday, I was in love. I ate leftovers for lunch on Wednesday, and went back Wednesday night with some friends. Yummo!

Happy Item #2: Angelfish Sperrys

I got these last week, and absolutely LOVE them. They are perfect for spring and summer.
And SOOO comfy!

Happy Item #3: Target

I found the lamp I was looking for here this week. I also got The Last Song for a cheap $10 bucks.
You just can't beat this place!

Happy Item #4: Shopping day with my Mum
My mom and I are big shoppers, and really the only people that can shop with us (or us with them) is each other. We try to go every few months for a day. Leave early that morning, shop, eat lunch, and shop some more. It's been awhile since we've been able to get away, and I so enjoyed it.
What's on your happy list this week?


  1. Great shoes! Love them! I wish I had a shopping buddy! Mine has been pg for so long that we haven't gone if forever... hopefully soon though :)

    Enjoyed your happy List!

  2. Hello Melanie! I discovered your blog from Mamarazzi's Happy List. I also love shopping. Well not just shopping, even eating out after. They just form the perfect pair! I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs. That would make happy. Wishing you more happiness! :)

  3. You really can't go wrong at Target! And yay for shopping! :D
    Great happy list!

  4. Your so lucky.. I miss shopping with my momma!

    Great finds at Target.. they have good stuff!!

  5. What a happy post!! I love these!!!
    :) New Follower from Mamarazzi's blog! :)


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