Thursday, April 14, 2011

85th birthday, rounding the bases, & American Idol

Yesterday was my sweet Nanny's 85th birthday!

My sister and I were invited to my Dad's for her birthday dinner. After we ate, it was time for American Idol. Of course we watched! I don't think Nanny was very impressed. (Let me preface by saying that my Nanny is quite the character. She has comments for everything, and will let you know what she thinks.We always get a good laugh from her.)  Steven Tyler was introduced and she had a field day talking about his wild outfit and crazy hair. While each one was singing, she would look at us and whisper, "They can't sing" while rolling her eyes.

Ready for the funny part?

One sweet Paul was singing and Nanny looked at me and said, "He wouldn't get past first base!"  Bahahahahhaha

Now I know she meant that he would be out before getting there.....a baseball reference. However, I being the perverted twenty-something that I am took it another way. I was rolling. I shared with my sister, and she laughed. We brought this up the rest of the night and was crying from laughing so hard.

Maybe you all think it's not funny at all. Maybe you just had to be there. But, I thought it was the funniest quote of the night.

Happy birthday, Nanny! Hope you had a great one!

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