Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Good Monday morning, blogworld! Usually I dread Mondays, but I have a feeling this week is going to be a good one! The weekend was too pretty and awesome to give us a crappy week! (Despite my super depressing post last night. I apologize. It was posted out of frustration.)

Friday: After work, I met my two best friends in BG. (If you want to do anything remotely fun, you have to travel to this town 30 minutes away. I know I've mentioned I live in a small town, so trips to BG are frequent.)

My best friends at a WKU game this past season; Whitney, Me, Megan.

I met them at Olive Garden, my fave. Our waiter looked JUSTLIKE Scotty from this season's American Idol. Seriously. We tried getting him to sing, but he denied. Dang it.

Whitney left early because she had other plans, so Meg and I headed off for some shopping. I was on the hunt for things to go with my new comforter. I found some pillows at Pier 1 that matched the "red" perfectly. That was the end of my luck though. After a trip to Hobby Lobby, Macy's, Dillard's, and Target, we returned to the car empty handed. I didn't even put one item in my cart at Target. You know something is up when that happens.

Meg was without child that night, and I wasn't ready to go home, so we drove around Bowling Green for probably 2 hours. Yes, that's right, 2 hours! We are Gleeks, so we had some Glee turned up, driving across town, and back again, perused every car lot in that city, freaked ourselves out with probably monsters and/or stalkers, did some stalking ourselves (yes, I admitted that), and had a grand ole time. There is never a dull moment with that girl; one reason I love hanging out with her! After hours of basically doing nothing, we headed our separate ways, and I got in bed around 2ish.

Saturday: I woke up to the sun shining and fresh air coming through the (one) window I had open. It was a little stuffy so I opened all the windows and started cleaning. I don't mean my usual pick up the stuff scattered around the house, I mean dusting, mopping, wiping down every surface in the house spring cleaning. (If you know me, you know this is very very unusual. I think the people I told this to thought I should have my head checked. THAT ODD!) I did break for some basketball!


After a close, too-close-for-comfort game, I resumed my cleaning. I then went to watch my little cousin's ball game. Have you ever seen 5 and 6 year olds play basketball? Adorable! I went to eat with the parentals, then back home to clean some more. Let me tell you, by the end of the day, I was exhausted. Whew!

I had on my pj's, relaxing in bed, when a friend messaged me to visit. I was comfy, looking quite skanky, and she lived about 20 minutes away. After some persuading, I went to see the gang. And like usual, had a good time. Every time I'm with this group, we laugh non-stop. I hadn't been up there in almost 6 months, and it was good seeing them again. I finally went home, and got to sleep pretty late again.

Sunday: I woke up to more sun shining, ate some Cheerios (my usual weekend breakfast), read the paper, and got ready for church. I visited my sister's church and was glad I went. Came home for some lunch, sat in the sun, napped, more reading in the sun, de-weeded (is that a word) my front flower bed, sat outside for a little longer, then watched some more basketball. What ever will we do after March???

Well, that was a little longer than I expected. And I'm sure some of you could care less, but it was such a good weekend, and it was good to reflect on it! It's Monday, guys! Hope you all have a great day and an even better week!!

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