Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Happy List

It's time for another one of my favorite link-ups!!

I revised this list to add the biggest happy of happy this week.....

Cats won a HUGE game last night, knocking off #1 seed, Ohio State University! The game was neck and neck the whole time, and KY edged by with a win. It's a good night to be a Cats fan!

Now back the my original list. :)

Item #1: The Game of Things

I will be playing this tonight and it is my all time favorite game! The dirtier, the better! Especially involved with items like my #2.

Item #2: Push Up

I'm not talking about the ice-cream here, folks. It's a fabulous drink involving alcohol, but it does taste JUST LIKE the ice-cream. Yummo!

Item #3: Facebook

What in the world did we do with our time before this awesomely annoying and addictive site? (Like that alliteration in there?)

Item #4: Fun Mail

I love love love getting packages in the mail. It makes my day! And I've gotten a couple this week...thanks to eBay!

What's on your happy list this weekend?


  1. What a great happy list. I love getting things in the mail too... especially when I forget that I ordered something and am totally surprised! ha!!

  2. Totally addicted to Facebook! and I get positively giddy when I get magazines and packages in the mail!


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