Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Happy List

It is the weekend, and time for Mammarazzi's Happy List. So many things to be happy about today!

Check out this blog. Super duper fun stuff going on over there!

Item #1

Daffodils. Why? It means spring is coming around the bend. Finally!!!

Item #2

Wet & Wild Party of Five glitter nail polish. I found this at Walmart last night, and love love love it. Every time I look at my fingers, it's like a sparkly surprise.

Item #3
Glee makes me happy. I love watching it, listening to it, and singing along at the top of my lungs in the car. I just got this one, and it does not disappoint. :)

Item #4
It's March people, and that can only mean one thing....MARCH MADNESS! Kentucky has the greatest tradition of basketball and the best fans in the nation. It's conference tournament time, and Kentucky made it to the next round in the SEC. Whoop whoop. They play today, and that makes me extremely happy! :) GO Cats!


  1. Glee is awesome!! I sometimes like glee versions rather than the original definitely makes me happy! Cute blog!! I am your new follower

  2. Item 3 isn't showing up for me, but since it seems to be about music I'm sure I agree with it I love my music. Love the sparklies and flowers too- not a fan of your teams, though. ;)
    First time playing, found you on the linky. :)

  3. I love nail polish! Always fun to pamper yourself

  4. Yesss! I love daffodils, too! Come on, spring, we are waiting for you!

  5. Hi, Melanie! I am seriously considering glitter nail polish. My friend had some hot pink glitter on the other day and I had major nail envy!

  6. Hi Melanie! I love the Daffodils too!

    Wishing you more happiness!

  7. Great Happy List Melanie! That nail polish looks fun!


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