Friday, March 4, 2011


It's finally Friday! Hallelujah! Why do the weeks seem so long, and the weekends so short? Maybe because its 5 long days compared to a measly 2. Shouldn't they be more equal? I feel like it is unfair to Mr. Weekend; he is getting the short end of the deal.

If anyone out there in blogland is wondering, I'm obviously new to this whole blogging ordeal. I love reading blogs. I love writing. I just need followers. How do I get followers???

I also love the look of "professional" blogs; they just seem so much prettier and look like a real blog (compared to my fake one????). However, I just started, and don't want to pay to have a blog makeover. Suggestions?

Also, how do you get those nifty signatures? I've tried scanning, getting an html code, but it is too large of a picture. Tell me. Please!
I know I'm a rambler. I apologize. I would love to say that it is just this post, but I would by lying. I ramble in general. It's who I am.

Anyway, have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend!!! :)

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  1. Ok...cutest blog on the block has cute designs. I used them forever. I don't remember where I got my signature but just google blog signatures and you'll find all kinds of sites that will walk you through step by step.

    Blogging is an addiction. I hope you stick around! I would LOVE to be your first follower!

    Have a great weekend! more thing. Click on your dashboard at the top. Then click Edit profile (over on the left). Put a check mark next to "show my email address" so that people can respond to your comments via email. That is a big thing out here in bloggyland. If you have any questions, email me!


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