Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recent finds, buys, and wishes

So I've been quite the spender lately. I often think that I have some extra cash, and I should treat myself. I'm single, so that means no gifts on Valentine's day. Therefore, I buy for myself! Makes sense right? So what did I get myself?
A smoky quartz ring in a diamond frame. Albeit, the diamonds are teeny tiny, but still....I was excited to buy myself something nice. And I love it.

Those that know me, know I am an eBay junkie! I seriously peruse the pages to find a bargain. Usually, I'm looking for something specific. In the past few months, I've sold a couple hundred dollars worth of bags, shoes, and jewelry. Therefore, I thought....why  not use that to buy myself something nice. (Yes, I just bought the ring, but that was for Valentine's day people. Don't judge me!) So I found this on the auction site. A Brahmin bag.

I saw it first in Dillards. I kept going back and visiting it everytime I was in the mall. But, I just couldn't spend over $200 on a bag. That may be pocket change to some people, but I've always been the type of girl to use an item (a purse, shoes, whatever) for a month or two and then get tired of it. I've never spent that much on a bag, but was just dying for this one. So, I found one on ebay. I got it and it was completely used and worn out. Luckily, I got to send it back for a refund. I was so upset. I went to Dillards to buy the bag. I was going to break down and buy it for full price. They didn't have them. And it wasn't on the site. Just great.

I went back to ebay. Soon after, I found this one and it was brand new! I only saved like $15 bucks, but I was at the point to pay complete full price. I received it in the mail yesterday and absolutely love it!!! I guess I was so excited, that I left the tag on it. I got to work this morning, and like the old lady on Hee-Haw, the tag was still on it. At least I wasn't out in public.

My next fun find? Tom's Shoes. At first, I wasn't sure about them. I thought they were cute, but just wasn't sure how they would look on me. (That's what goes through my mind every single time I spot something new.) So I looked on the Tom's website and decided to try to olive green and the red.

The store only had my size in the red. So I bought them. I got them home, tried them on with a couple of things, and decided I didn't want the red anymore. I want the green. 

I've called and called, but they never have my size in the green. Now I'm on the hunt for some olive green Tom's in an 8.5. (And if you haven't read the story behind Tom's shoes, you should definitely do it! Great cause!)

What are some things that you have found to buy or put on your wishlist?

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