Thursday, March 31, 2011

My former good friend and my favorite team

I have a good friend, we'll call her Meg. She informed me last night that she and her husband, who we'll call Kyle, are going to be heading to Houston to watch the final four. I responded with a sentence full of expletives that would embarrass me if anyone else were to have heard.

While I'm excited that the heifer is going, I'm insanely jealous that I will not be partaking in the trip to see my all-time-favorite basketball team fight for a trip to the championship game. So while I'm stewing at my desk, I'll leave you with a picture of the freaking globetrotters that were my friends and some awesome tee shirts and prints of the final four bound Cats!
Former friends, Kyle & Meg

This is the shirt I'm going to get as soon as the store opens it's doors at 10am.

Love the look of this one!

The shirts and prints were all found here!
*All of the anger that I seem to have toward Meg and Kyle is all in good fun. Sort of.


  1. I think you need to find some new friends!lol!
    I hope they have fun...or not!

  2. OOOH...expletives! LOVE IT!

    Maybe they'll have a terrible time. Would that make you feel better?

  3. Hey I am already sick and going...what more do you want from me? I think you put a curse on me!! I will still buy you a present though since you are my friend!



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