Sunday, March 13, 2011

A spoonful of Nutella? I think I will.

My 6 year old cousin (that I just love love love) went to the grocery with me last week. He talked me into buying something because he said it was "really good!"

So I bought this.

And it tastes just like this.

My FAVORITE kind of chocolate, Ferrero Rocher.

He is so smart. :)


  1. Ok...I've always wondered what it was all about. Isn't it supposed to be more healthy or something? What's the story? Do tell!

  2. I looove Nutella too, so sad that you've lived without it all these years. One of my favorite recipe blogs posted a Nutella Tart recipe the other day...I must say I'm tempted to try it myself. Here it is if you wanna take a gander :)


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