Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a love/hate relationship...sort of...

So I had a post. I made a link-up, but was the only link up. I felt like a big old loser. So I deleted all of that and made a list of things I love and things I hate.

My loves: warm toweles out of the dryer. polka dots. pedicures. the beach. candles. boats. tattoos. jewelry. love. spring flowers. a clean house. animal prints. texts just because. new socks. fresh snow. orange juice. snuggling. football on a chilly fall night. cookouts. my dog. italian food. sand. sun. halloween. shopping. christmas. traveling. tanning. pictures. sleeping in. uk basketball. thunder and rain on a tin roof. giving gifts. celebrity gossip. lazy sundays. manicures. cheesy romance novels. sleeping in. board games.

My hates: talking on the phone. body odor. self-obsessed people. closed-mindedness. humidity. not matching. loud people. filthyness. dieting. headaches. yellow vehicles. bragging. being late. exercising. waking up early. insomnia. driving alone. being broke. trying on clothes. bright orange. long lines. traffic.  unpainted toe nails. jorts. when people wear clothes that are too small. buying gas. being sick. blond hair with dark eyebrows. shots. smoke. rodents. slow drivers. sweating.

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