Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Confessions

It's Friday and time for one of my favorite link-ups! Go on over to Mamarazzi's site, link up, and confess your heart out today!


I confess that this week I've been "stretching" my clothes before I put them on. You know, put your shirt on your arms and puuuuuuull apart. Things are feeling tight....grrrr...

I confess that I am not cut out for public work. I'm working in an office right now and let me just say, people are dumb. I wish we could gather all of the dumbasses and ship them off to a deserted island. I wonder how many would make it.

I confess that these confessionals make me feel evil. I promise I'm not. I just have mean thoughts sometimes. Not all the time.

I confess that I watch General Hospital, and I cried this week when sweet little Jake died. Dang soap operas. So sad.

I confess that I've been dreaming about my cousin a lot lately. Monday will be one year since her passing, and I still can't believe she is gone. Maybe I will make a post about her one day.

I confess that I plan to get cuh-ray-zee this weekend. UK game tonight with some friends and game night tomorrow night at my house. Bring on the amaretto sours and orange push-ups. Whoop whoop!


  1. It's time for me to got through my clothes and do a clean out. Get rid of the old stuff I'm not wearing(and that might, just might, be a bit small) and make room for newer stuff.

  2. My family is from Louisville so I totally get your UK basketball obsession!

    I have needed to stretch my shirt for a few months now, I think I need to go shopping and then buy a new dryer damned thing keeps shrinking my clothes!

    Have fun whooping it up this weekend!

  3. I too am not set to work out in the public. I've decided I need some kind of data entry job where I deal with as few people as possible, where I sit at a desk and just plug away. Yes. That's what I need. People ARE dumb.

    Sounds like you've got a fun weekend planned, have a great time!

  4. I can't stand stupid people. Maybe that's why I'm a Mom now. But I hate running into those people when I go out. It's like the universe tells them I'm out, and they come swarming. UGH!

    I'm so glad BYU lost last night. I swear, if I hear or see one more thing about them or Jimmer, I'll throw something at them. Worst team there. Terrible sportsmanship. And I hate that I'm suppose to like them just because I'm LDS. Whatever!

  5. I'm a BIG Duke fan...but since we're out of the tournamet, I won't hold it against you for cheering for UK tonight :)

    Loved your confessions!

  6. So I'm actually an alumni of UK, and I really miss Lexington. I definitely plan on getting crazy watching the game tonight...well, as crazy as my two girls will let me get. ;)

  7. OK, we already have Pretty Little Liars in common and now GH? I cried my eyes out--I am a diehard Jason/Liz fan. I want them together sooo bad and I am bitter that they have now killed off their only connection to each other.

  8. Love your blog! I'm sound like me about sending all the dumbasses to live on a island far far away!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @


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