Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Confessional

One of my favorite posts of the week....FRIDAY CONFESSIONAL! Go on over to Mamarazzi's site and link up! It's fun to write and to read the other confessions. HAPPY FRIDAY, YA'LL!


I confess that when I see people my age with an awesome house or car, I get jealous. I can't help it.

I confess that I want a family and babies, but I can not imagine myself with a kid right now, even though I'm old enough to have about ten.

I confess that I have a VERY short tolerance level for stupid.

I confess that even though it is very much like No Strings Attached, I still desperately want to see Friends with Benefits because Justin Timberlake and Mina Kunis are hot.  (I saw the preview as I was typing this, and had to include it. It looks so funny!)

I confess that I have a fear of my house catching on fire with my dog trapped inside. I used to have a crazy fear of drowning, even though we were on the lake every weekend and I know how to swim.

I confess that I am an emotional rollercoaster. I can cry over anything, be completely much where people think that I'm drunk or on something when really I'm just high on life, get angry or ticked in seconds....but isn't that called being a girl? Or bi-polar? or just crazy? You tell me.

I confess that I will be glued to these basketball games all weekend. I love tournament time. More than one girl should.

Is it me, or are all of these confessions really depressing or angry? Geez-O, Mel! Maybe I am crazy! haha


  1. I have a low tolerance for stupid too. Too bad stupidity abounds.

  2. yup I hear yar, I often tell my hubby "I hate stupid People" I ofen wonder how they can be so stupid..

    Thanks for sharing

  3. I also get jealous about people my age and younger that have it "better than me". Even though I know it's not right to covet, I totally do it too.

    I love the idea of a baby (so I can fit in with my baby-making friends), but like you I know it's not the right thing for me.

    I'm glad you got some things off your chest--that's what Friday Confessional is all about right? I think being emotional comes with being a girl :p

    Go Wildcats! (my honey is from Kentucky!)

  4. OH MAN I seriously have a fear of our house catching on fire...I think about it WAY too much. We live in a bi-level home (don't be jealous) and I seriously think about escape routes like the things we learned about form Smokey the bear when we were like 5......I still need to buy a ladder....worst fears. And let me tell you where I live it seems everytime I think about it there is a story on the news where peoples houses went up in flames and were trapped inside! SO SAD!!

    well now I'm officially depressed! It's ok...sometimes you can't always be happy go lucky!

  5. I'm usually TOTALLY into March Madness, but not so much this year. My Sooners suck. Maybe that's why.

    I don't think you sound bi-polar. I think you sound quite normal.

    Great FCs! Hope you have a super weekend!

  6. I have a very short tolerance level for stupid too...and there seems to be a whole lot of stupid out there!

  7. stoooopid people make me crazy!!

    i turn 40 in 2 weeks and i STILL see stuff people my age have and get all kinds of jealous.

    thanks for linking up...i don't think you sound angry or depressing. i hope that confessing did make you feel better tho!

  8. Kids are so fun but a lot of work too! It will happen when you are ready. I agree stupid people make me mean. I just want to hit them! Really HARD!

    Great confession


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