Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I saw this on a blog I follow (am I the only one that feels like they say that all the time???) and it looked like so much fun!! Here is my first!


I confess that I'm probably the most self-conscious, insecure person you will ever meet. I am always thinking that someone is talking about me when I leave the room or thinking negative thoughts about how I look, the things I say, etc. It really is an issue.

I confess that I really do love football and basketball. I'm sure guys think I'm lying to impress them, or girls think I'm lying to impress guys, but I really do like watching them. Even when I'm alone, I'm often watching a game on tv. That should attract guys, right? Hello, gentlemen!! :)

I confess that I eat more fast food than one person should in their entire lifetime. I get tired of it. I am tired of it (as I'm eating my Wendy's chili and ceasar salad), but I really have to be in the mood for sandwiches, hate frozen dinners, and never cook for just me. Other options for lunches? (And I wrote this confession yesterday. I just had to get a head start, or I would forget some of my confessions.)

I confess that I only have $24 in my savings account. I usually spend extra money I have. Don't judge me.

I confess  that there are some days when I really could write at least five different blog posts a day. I just get these ideas and want to share them. But, I limit myself to one. ::sigh::

I confess that my Friday Confessionial virginity has been taken. And it was sooo fun!


  1. Write the post anyway and keep them as drafts that way you have something when the juices just aren't flowing. Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm with Aubrey, I've been writing entries and saving them for a rainy day. :)

    And $24 saved is better than no savings account at all! I'd be screwed if I ever needed emergency funds!

    Have a nice weekdn!

  3. It's tough to cook for one--chicken breasts and steaks and pork chops get old, and there are only so many sides that can be made for one. Fast food is not only fast, but easier too.
    I often start my confession post earlier in the week and finish it on Friday.

  4. I'm with ya about self conscious. I avoid one of my managers at work because I think she gives me looks of disapproval. How does one fix that?!!

    I cook dinner a few times a week and will bring leftovers for lunch. The other days I end up fast fooding it or or eating a frozen meal 3 out of 5 aint bad :)

  5. i think everyone feels that way sometimes. when i was a teenager my mom would tell me, "everyone there will be so worried about what they are wearing and what they are saying and wondering if people are judging them they will not even have time to do any of that with you"

    kinda true...i don't remember much about people in high school or events...but i can tell you in great detail what i was thinking, feeling and even wearing.

    so happy you linked it!! love your confessions you are just a doll!!


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