Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffee Filter Wreath

Well. Let me preface by saying that I am not a crafty one. I enjoy them, but usually end up annoyed, bored, or tired of doing whatever it is I'm doing. After seeing another blogger (I would link to their post, but I can't for the life of me remember who did it...) do this, I was temtped. I wanted a wreath for my front door, but WILL NOT spend $50 bucks for a wreath. I just won't do it. So I bought some supplies, and here is the process and final product. Don't judge the product too harshly; it was my first attempt! :/

[Sorry about the photos and cluttered background. I did this at work. :)]

The supplies
Total spent: $14.93

I used brown ribbon to hang it. I pinned the ribbon to the back with lots of pins. I didn't want it to come off! I would have used hot glue if I had it with me.

I folded the filter in half, then half again.

Then I put three filters on each pin.

After I pinned the filter onto the wreath, I put another pin in to hold them on.

I started with the outside, then the middle, then the inside of the wreath.

I middle was kind of lacking something, so I turned it over and added another round of filters.

You could STILL see some green, depending on how you were standing and the angle, so I added the rest of the ribbon to the edges. (Not pretty from the back, but from the front, you only catch glimpses.)

I left the back plain, so it would hang flat against the door.

And here is the final product  (tested on a wall)....

And here it is on my front door.

It's not like the pictures I have seen online, and I definitely see things that I wish were different, or other ways I should have done it. But for my very first wreath for a non-crafty gal, it's not too bad, right?

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  1. That's really cute!! Where did you buy the styrofoam wreath? I would like to try a wreath with Fabric flowers...seams I might have seen that somewhere before too.... :) Too cute!


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